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Sea Ceptor launchers installed

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I don't know if this news report was referenced on his day a few months ago, 27 January 2017.

Intrigued by the fate of the upcoming Sea Ceptor naval SAM, no news in a long time.

Looking for it in Internet only found this recent report:



Apparently from October 2016 is finished the refit adding Sea Ceptor launcher and Artisan 3D radar (some had it previously, I think) in the frigates Westminster, Montrose and Argyll (the latter designed as test ship for Sea Ceptor), waiting now for the induction in service of Sea Ceptor.


Note Wesminster is equipped with towed Sonar 2087 (Current ship entries 72, Type 23 Duke (13), and 73, Type 23 Duke (17) with Sea Ceptor, and the correspondent Merlin helicopter), but Montrose and Argyll are ships of entry 2972, Type 23 Duke (06), with the older towed Sonar 2031, the correspondent Sea Lynx/Wildcat and Radar 996 (AWS-9) I think initially not considered to be updated with Sea Ceptor and Artisan 3D.


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