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I am having Mem error when trying to save edited Battle set scenario

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This is a bug that I am now able to reproduce since you gave an appropriate level of detail. It isn't fixed just yet but probably will be this weekend. It was introduced when we doubled the database capacity to 4096 items per annex.

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Fix coded and minimally tested, should get it posted to the beta forum here tomorrow.


HCE - 2016.009 - 2016-09-03


- Chg:0000 SE In pre-commondb BattleSets, re-establish checks for WepID == 0

in loadouts and multimounts to prevent crashes when the SE

tries to save scenarios. There can only be 4 weapons per

loadout and multimount in the legacy battlesets so for slots

4-8 we need to and again do set it to INVALID_ID instead of 0.

This bug was a regression introduced with 4096 items per annex.

(thanks rabbit, Hellion144)

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