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Algeria plans to return 15 MiG-29s


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From DefenseNews


Algeria Plans To Return 15 Fighters to Russia: Report


Published: 18 Feb 16:40 EST (11:40 GMT)


MOSCOW - Algeria wants to return 15 fighter jets it bought from Russia because of their poor quality, the Kommersant daily reported on Feb. 18, citing an official from Russia's state United Aerospace Corporation.


The official said Russia was proposing to take back the MiG-29 jets, which were delivered to Algeria in 2006 and 2007, but only if Algeria bought more modern and expensive planes such as the MiG-29M2 or the MiG-35.


Kommersant quoted another Russian official from the energy and industry ministry saying that a deal on the MiG jets had been reached.


The ministry's press service, contacted by AFP on Feb. 18, could not immediately confirm or deny the report.


Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika was to meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for talks on "military cooperation" in the Kremlin on Feb. 19, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told AFP, without giving further details.


In return for Russia agreeing to cancel Algeria's Soviet-era debts, Algerian authorities bought Russian arms worth $6.3 billion, including $3.5 billion in fighter jets, during a visit by Putin to Algeria in 2006.


[CV32: From time to time, there is discussion (and debate) about why the Harpoon gaming system appears to sometimes ascribe lower performance and quality standards to Soviet/Russian produced weapons systems and platforms. Some believe there is no basis for such a position. Well, the issue is arguable, and I'm not saying Western systems don't also sometimes fail to meet the grade, but articles like these are useful. If this isn't enough to convince you that there is at least some basis for the approach, I'd suggest you search for similar reports on equipment sold to India and China in recent years.]

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From Flight Global


DATE: 25/02/08

SOURCE: Flight International


Algeria returns 'faulty' MiG-29s

By Vladimir Karnozov


Algeria is returning 12 RSK MiG-29SMT single-seat fighters and UBT-model trainers to Russia, after refusing to accept the aircraft amid allegations of poor manufacturing quality.


The aircraft are part of a package for 34 MiG-29SMT/UBTs worth $1.3 billion, with an additional $500 million for the modernisation of 36 early-model MiG-29s acquired for $18 million each from Belarus and Ukraine.


These should have been upgraded to the SMT/UBT standard, but following shipment of the first batch last year, the Algerian air force found that some "new" equipment actually dated back to the early 1990s, when the aircraft had been manufactured.


RSK MiG says all avionics and targeting equipment supplied with the aircraft is new, and reflects its current production variants.


Algeria also took delivery of its first three of 28 Sukhoi Su-30MKA two-seat multirole fighters between December 2007 and January, and is now negotiating with Russia's Rosoboronexport arms agency for a further batch of the aircraft to replace its unwanted MiGs.


Sources say Algeria also wants to use some of the money from the abandoned deal to buy additional Yakovlev Yak-130A trainers, with these to join 16 aircraft ordered with the MiG and Sukhoi fighters as part of a wider arms package worth $8 billion signed with Russia in 2006.

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From DefenseNews


Fighter Swap May Restore Algeria-Russia Deal


Published: 16 May 10:41 EDT (06:41 GMT)


MOSCOW - Algeria has asked Russia to deliver 14 to 16 Su-30MKI fighters instead of the MiG-29s that the North African country had ordered but refused to accept, saying they were assembled from old parts.


If Russia agrees, it can salvage its biggest post-Soviet arms export deal.


A Russian aviation industry official confirmed May 16 that the swap is being discussed by the Rosoboronexport government arms export agency and Algeria. The Russian official said that the agreement with Algeria is likely to be reached in the fall.


Rosoboronexport officials declined to comment.


In March 2006, Algeria ordered Russian arms worth $8 billion, including 34 MiG-29s for $1.28 billion and 28 Su-30MKIs for $2.5 billion. Moscow got the arms deal after agreeing to forgive Algiers about $7 billion of its Soviet-era debt.


But in May 2007, Algeria stopped accepting the MiGs, saying they were assembled from older parts and were of inferior quality. Algiers froze payments for other arms exports in October and demanded that Russia take back the MiGs.


In response, Russia's Irkut Corp. has stopped delivering its Su-30MKI fighters to Algeria. Only six Su fighters have been delivered so far. Fifteen MiG fighters were returned to Russia in April.


Konstantin Makiyenko, of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, a think tank here, said the agreement is likely to put Russian-Algerian military-technical relations back on track and diffuse fears that Algeria would turn to France as its prime supplier of fighters and purchase the Rafale. Such speculation circulated among Russian defense analysts as the crisis with the MiGs developed.


According to the ARMS-TASS, a Russian government news agency, Algeria was the fourth-biggest importer of Russian arms in 2007, accounting for 10 percent of Russian defense exports.

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From Jane's


Algeria takes delivery of Russian fighters, reviving major defence deal

By Lauren Gelfand

09 June 2008


Russia has delivered two Su-30MKA 'Flanker' multirole fighters to Algeria, the first provision of aircraft to the North African country since a 2006 deal was nearly jettisoned due to Algiers' return of Russian-made MiG fighter jets.


The aircraft were delivered to a military base some 40 km south of Algiers on 31 May, according to a Ministry of Defence statement released in local media and confirmed from Moscow by Russian state information service RIA Novosti.


The resumption of the deal looks to pave the way for complete delivery of an arms package worth some USD7.5 billion, cementing Algeria as the world's third largest importer of Russian arms.


The two fighters join six other Sukhoi aircraft previously delivered as part of a package of 28 Su-30MKAs for delivery by 2010.


In February Algeria returned a number of MiG-29s after rejecting two MiG-29UBT trainers, judging them to be of low technical quality and secondhand rather than new, according to published reports.

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From Flight International


DATE: 29/01/09

SOURCE: Flight International


Russia to purchase Algeria's unwanted MiG-29s


The Russian air force is to take delivery of "about 10" of the 28 RSK MiG-29SMT fighters built for, but never delivered to, Algeria, and is also acquiring nine upgraded Sukhoi Su-25 attack aircraft.


The MiG-29s will join the air force's tactical training centre in Lipetsk. The Russian ministry of defence reportedly signed a Rb20 billion ($645 million) contract for all 28 MiG-29SMTs, but the air force will not take all of them immediately. MiG says the "great majority" of the ex-Algerian MiGs are "100% ready for service", although several airframes are missing "easy-to-install" vendor items.

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