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Active Unit Display


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Defect Name: Active Unit Display

Build: HCE 2008.023

Repeatable: Yes

Operating System: W2000

DB used: Official HCDB-200... of the HCE 2008.021 installation

Scenario used: any


Long Description: After selecting a unit in the unit window and then select the "Full" in the Unit status window the "Active Unit Display" appears. There are the following issues recognizable:

1. The picture of aircrafts is truncated

2. For aircraft carriers: Instead the picture of the carrier (if available), the picture of a sinking carrier is visible. Similar behavior for ships and subs. (SAM units were not tested based on the lack of pictures.)

3. If the class name (example: of an aircraft "Attack F/A-18E Super Hornet") is to long the information's in the table below are shifted to a wrong row and partial not visible.

4. If a unit has more that 5 sensors (radars; for example the CVN Enterprise with 6 or CVN North Carolina with 8) the text to the graph below get more and more compressed/unreadable)

(5. Carriers, Ships and Subs does not provide the information of Runway size and unoccupied space for AC)

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