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Defect Name: BOL range incorrect [2005]


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Defect Name: BOL range incorrect [2005]

Build: HCE 2007.000

Repeatable: Y

Operating System: XP

DB used: HCDB-070524


Scenario used: Thunder Dragon [WestPac] User-built

Long Description: When the BOL attack hotkey is selected for Ship Group ZPS, a very large Range circle appears. ZPS has weapons capable of BOL Attack, but their actual range is far shorter than the Range circle offered by the Assistant.




Sequence to reproduce:

1. N/A - saved game available


Expected behaviour: Range circle should show actual range of weapons.

Observed behaviour: Range circle much larger than the maximum range of weapons.


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Okay, fixed this and more in 2009.001. The ring was being drawn 10x too large.


Also made the ring yellow like it is supposed to be.


Also limited the ring radius to the longest ranged BOL weapon instead of longest ranged surface/land weapon.


Added Staff warning if group has no BOL capable weapons.

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Saved game is incompatable with 2009.001.


Not sure what that has to do with anything in this case... Herman provided the original scenario name, scenario is available at HG. The defect itself has no need for the specific save. You already know that 2008.044 and earlier saves can't be opened in the current betas so I don't get it.

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