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Details of the SA-N-6/SA-N-20 naval SAM


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An article in the Russian Wikipedia with not equivalence on other languages:


In short:


SA-N-6a Grumble (1984),S-300F Fort (export Rif), missile 5V55RM,land equivalent S-300P 5V55R, speed 2597, range 40,5/2,7.


SA-N-6b Grumble (1990), S-300FM Fort-M (export Rif-M), missile 48N6,land equivalent S-300PMU-1 48N6, speed 3888, range 81/2,7 (but effective maximum range limited to 93 Km/50,2 nm because guidance issues).


SA-N-6c/SA-N-20 Gargoyle (1997?), Favorit?, missile 48N6E2 Favorit,land equivalent S-300PMU-2 48N6E2 Favorit, speed 4082, range 108/2,7.


All systems capables of firing on a máximum of 6 targets, with a total of 12 missiles in flight.


SA-N-6c/SA-N-20 Gargoyle is employed only in the Peter the Great cruiser, but magazine capacity because size issues is limited to 1x46 missiles (Favorit) and 1x48 missiles (Fort-M), not 2x48 missiles (Fort or Fort-M) as in the other BCGN with previous and smaller missiles.

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