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Boarding and Takeover

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I'm suddenly having the devil's own time making boarding/takeover missions work. I designed a small Persian Gulf scenario loosely based on one we used when I worked in Saudi Arabia at the Multi Environmental Trainer. When I originally built the scenario, I was able to launch a CH-53 loaded with Marines from my airfield and capture an enemy comm center and a UH1 Iriquois from a Medina class FF to board and take over an enemy tanker.


After applying some update or other somewhere along the line, I lost the scenario and had to redo it. Now, the shore based raiding party won't capture the facility, but insists on attacking and destroying it. The helo from the ship accepts the mission, but simply never launches.


I've attached the scenario in a RAR file with the extension changed to txt since I can't get the system to accept it any other way. I hope I didn't run afoul of any group rules by doing that. Change the extension back to RAR and it should be OK.


Any assistance will be much appreciated. One of the things I really like about ANW and other H3 versions is the Mission Editor, and it really ticks me off that I seem to be hosing things up here.


Thanx for any assistance,







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