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HC Acronyms


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HC - Harpoon Classic

WinHarp - First Windows version of HC, prior to this was the original Harpoon game in DOS

HC97 - Port of WinHarp to Win32, Windows 95 look and feel, added EC2000 battleset

HC2002 - Bug fixing of HC97

HCGold - Further development of HC2002, added platform editor

WestPac Beta - Beta version of HC Gold with a new battleset, Western Pacific

HC2005 - What became HCE with some extra care and feeding

HCCE - Harpoon Classic: Commander's Edition (later renamed to HCE)

HCE - Harpoon: Commander's Edition (HC variant)

HUCE - Harpoon Ultimate: Commander's Edition (HC variant, current HC version)


BattleSet ™ - A collection of scenarios, maps, and optionally database bundled together for use in Harpoon. Stored on disk as a .res and a .rsr file.


Game Components:

GE - Game Engine - WinHarp32.exe - Where you play the game

SE - Scenario Editor - WSCENEDT.EXE - Where you build and modify scenarios

PE - Platform Editor - pfBuild2005.mdb - Where you edit the platform database - HCRE

SC - Scenario Converter - cvtscen.exe - EC2000 to EC2003 scenario converter

BB - BattleSet Builder - BSBuilder.exe - Compile battlesets

DU - DB Utils - everything in db_utils directory, for database work

DB - Database - commondb.res/commondb.rsr

OW - Orders Writer - OrdWrite.exe

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