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Questions for 1981 scenarios (American ships)


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One thing I really like about ANW is how you can tweak the ships for realism by modifying what weapons they have onboard.


For a scenario set in 1981, what would have been the likely missile loads for a Leahy-class cruiser (Halsey, CG 23) and Adams-class destroyers (Hoel & Berekely, DDG-13 and DDG-15)?


The Leahy-class is listed as "85+" and I know there was a major upgrade program in the 1980s...how much did the Leahy change between 1981 and 1985? Should I replace the Standard missiles with the Tartars (an available loadout)? What about doing this for the Adams-class ships, or is it okay the use the default setting of the RIM-66B?


Any other suggestions or things to watch out for?





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From my informed guesses and personal notes,


For both ship classes:

- All the no-nuclear ASROC were equipped with Mk 46 variants from 1966 (replacing Mk 44). As the Mk 46 Mod 2 was introduced in 1971 and the Mk 46 Mod 5 NEARTIP about 1979-1984, more probably both were equipped with ASROC with Mk 46 Mod 2, the same for the triple ASW TT.


For the Adams:

- RIM-66B SM-1MR Block V (1969), the next variant is apparently RIM-66E-1 SM-1MR Block VI (1983).

- Also RGM-84A Harpoon (1977) in the GLMS launcher, the next variant is the RGM-84C Harpoon (1982).


About the CG-23 USS Halsey:

- Very probably the SM-1ER RIM-67A Block V (1969), the next variant was apparently the SM-2ER RIM-67B Block I (1981) (As per Conway's, all ships in the class have received SM-2ER capability by 1985, the first ship so equipped was CG-19 USS Worden, as consequence as earlier 1981, probably in this date the Halsey was not equipped with SM-2ER). I suppose that would be the date for introduction of RGM-84A Harpoon (1977) and Phalanx, but navsource it's not accesible today.


More ideas if we can find some detail (I doub it):

www.navsource.org not available on this moment.



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I've got the Mk46 mod. 2 torpedoes and Harpoon 84A missiles swapped in, and I also switched out the RIM-7Ms for RIM-7Hs. (This means some ships do not have RIM-7 reloads...only RIM-7Ms were supplied as an option. Does this need to be changed in the database?)


Changed the torpedoes in the ASROC launchers, too, although those are still acting oddly...I don't know if the database issue with those ever got solved.


What I'm actually doing here is setting up a "template" scenario first and then I'll use this battle group with a couple of linked scenarios about the 1981 Bahrain crisis (coup failed in history...what if it had succeeded and been openly backed and even defended by Iran but the US decides this cannot be tolerated?)

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A brief update...I went through the various ships in the battle group and changed some of the magazines...I had to get rid of all the weapons that were not in use in 1981 and replace them with ones that were! So my F-14s will have AIM-54As and AIM-7Fs, and the attack aircraft will have Shrikes, Walleyes, and the like. Should make the missions more interesting.


(I just realized that I accidentally posted this topic in the HCE forums instead of the H3 forums...sorry! It is for a series of H3/ANW scenarios.)


First mission is going to be just get the battle group station in the Gulf of Oman and gather intelligence...and see if Iran is going to play nice or plans to start trouble...

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