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ANW 3.10.1

HUD3 1.6.3


I would like the Super Tomcat-21 added to the HUD4 along the lines of the "Tomcat 21" section at http://www.topedge.com/alley/text/other/tomcat21.htm

Service years should be 1990 - 2025

Missile loadouts to include AIM-152 AAAM per http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/sys...itions/aaam.htm


I would like to use this platform in a scenario pitting the actually built F-14 against a prolonged Cold War alternate universe F-14 Tomcat 21.


Thank you!

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Thank you HUD4 maintainers! The Tomcat 21 is shooting down scores of F-14D, thank you! I've updated the original post's icon to the icon12.gif to recognize the completion and verification of my original request!

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