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Operation Praying Mantis


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Significant events FF sorties out of Bandar Abbas.

Based upon warning from E-2C, SAG C activates radars.

SAG C issues warning to inbound Bandits.



Significant events 6x undetected Boghammers sortie out of Abu Musa toward SAG C.

USS Wainwright prepares to fire SM2ER.

4x SM2ER fired on a heading of 035. ATA 4.5-1 = 3.5 Msl Gen = 2, 2nd Gen Decoy. = +1 = 2.5 or 55%, 4x D100 = 29, 6, 57, 34. 3x Hits. Both Phantoms downed.

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Significant Events: Simpson_1 (SH-60B) is tasked with investigating/identifying the six small sontacts. SAG C radiates.


During the detection phase, I used a literal interpretation of the range between the Boghammers and Simpson_1 is read as 14.23nm in order to give the Bogs another 3min of life, since Small ships are visually spotted from the air at 14nm.



Significant Events: Sahand (Vosper V FF), still within territorial waters, energized its Decca 1126.


Simpson_1 spots the bogs at 7.8nm. Distance from bogs to Knox is 16nm.



Sahand energizes its Seahunter FCR.

Simpson_1 is within 1.7nm of the lead boghammer


Planned Fire Phase: Sahand (Annex A ROF: 4) launches a salvo of 4x Seakiller missiles at SAG C, USS Jack Williams (FFG-24 OH Perry) in particular.


Jack Williams detects 4x Vsmall contacts, bearing 148, range 9.6nm.



All units but SAG D and the Vampires moves the full 3min tactical turn.


Engagement Turn: 0829.0

1st Movement: Vampires to Jack Williams = 7.5nm

1st Fire: Williams fires 3x SM1MR, USS O’Brien fires 2x Harpoons at Sahand.


2nd Move: SM1MR’s and Harpoons leave launchers.

2nd Fire: Williams fire 2x SM1MR

2nd Air Attack Resolution: SM1MR ATA5, Seakiller ATA 0.5 +1 (SSC vs SS) +1 (Low RCS) = 2.5. Final ATA 2.5 or 55%. D100’s = 87,83,89. Bad news for Williams.


Engagement Turn 0830

1st Move:

1st Fire: Williams fires 3x SM1MR, USS Joseph Strauss is masked by Willams.

First Air Attack Resolution: 2x SM1MR vs 3x Seakillers: D100 = 39 (Hit), 57 (miss).

2nd Move:

2nd Fire: Williams fires 3x SM1MR

2nd Air Attack Resolution: 3x SM1MR vs 2x Sea Killer: D100 = 46 (hit), 03 (hit), 73 (miss).


Engagement Turn 0831

1st Move Harpoons close (1.5nm)

1st Fire: Only Iranian weapon within range and arc is the Mk8 114mm/55 with a pH of 35% -15% TM – 15% (RCS) *0.5 = final ph of 2.5%. D100 = 23. Miss.

2nd Move Harpoon reach Sabalan

Air Attack Resolution: Mk8 misses with an 83. PW/SW GAM B01 20mm/45 cannot hit due to modifiers. Harpoons reach Sahand. Generation 3 Harpoon vs Small signature, no CM Sahand. pH .85. D100 84, and 97. The 45 Damage points exceed the Vosper V’s 43 hit capacity. Sahand is dead in the water, afire, taking on water and beginning to list. The ship will sink in 3D6 Tactical Turns: 4,5,4 or 13 Tactical Turns.

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Significant Events: Commander Middle East Task Force denies surface attack on boghammers after the destruction of Sahand by SAG D. SuWCAP vectored in should the enemy boat still display hostile intent.



Significant Events: SuWCAP acquires boghammers. Simpson_1 warns the warning the boghammers if they continue on their cours they will be sunk.



Significant Events: Boghammers make no change in course or speed. 2x A-6E drop 3x Mk20 Rockeye CBU. Dive Bombing from Low Altitude, with a Computing Bombsight, versus small targets = .23 single bomb. Extrapolated .54, .13, .01. Both aircraft missed with rolls of 83 and 79. The Boghammer occupant got the message and broke off their attack returning toward Abu Musa.


US declares mission success.

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Lessons Learned.


The StratSim Combat Plotter was the intregal part in being able to conduct a scenario with this many platforms, without an enormous expenditure of manual calculations and brain cells.


The GOPLAT's went down quicker that I expected, and before the Iranians could mount any type of coherent, coordinated response.


The Iranian response was then sequential and the USN was able to counter each threat successfully. Given the force ratio, that has to be expected and anything less a decisive loss.


The initial set-up of Iranian surface forces (Bandar Abbas) prevented them form making an appearance in defense of the GOPLATs. The Joshan (Combattante II) and one Vosper V (Salaban) were only about halfway to the GOLPLATs at the end of the scenario.


One Vosper V (Sahand)did charge out of Bandar Abbas and launched a 4x Seakiller missile attack on SAG D, from the Iranian territorial waters (12nm from the coast).


The subsequent Sahand vs SAG D, while lopsided did provide for some tense moments as USS Jack Williams SM1MR's were not rolling as advertised. In the end, the four Seakillers were downed for the expenditure of 11x SM1MR's. Harpoons from USS O'Brien did the Sahand in overwelming its ability to sustain damage.


The final act was an airstrike on a group of 6x Boghammers from Abu Musa, attacking toward SAG C. Since the USN Mission Objectives of both GOPLATs and one surface combatant destroyed, Simpson_1 (SH-60B) was tasked to close with and warn the boghammers off, which the bogs ignored. The next turn 2x A-6E dropped 3x Mk20 Rockeye each, but missed horribly.


The scenario ended at that point. A lot of fun. Many small engagements helping me with my H4 procedures. Could not have done it without the combat plotter.

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An error is present in my playthrough. It is most prevelent on display in the actions of the Mk13/SM1MR actions during USS Jack Williams defense of itself from the four missile sea killer strike. The Mk13 has a ROF of 3. Despite knowing better and having an authoritative answer penciled on Section 5.2 Rate of Fire in my rules, I played it ROF every fire phase of each engagement turn when in fact Rate of Fire is per Engagement Turn.


Sorry for any confusion caused.

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