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Found 6 results

  1. Issue Information ⦁ Issue ID #000076 ⦁ Issue Type Issue ⦁ Severity 0 – None Assigned ⦁ Status 12 – Working as Intended ⦁ Version 2014.020 ⦁ Fixed in 2014.020 Mk1 Eagle Eye - 50nm visual detection?Posted by Grumble on 13 July 2014 - 05:28 AM Background: Playing EC2003 Bear Baiting user scenario, red AI is consuming my Rafales fast. The F2 and F3 versions have only the 27nm Mica AAM vs. +40nm Alamos and Adders, but theoretically this should be manageable with the help of the Rafale's low RCS, the Su-27S 65nm radar detects it at max 12nm and even the Su-27SM's 135nm radar has max 25nm range on it (don't mess with the Su-35 though ). But in practice the Sukhois either pre-launch me or immediately return fire even if I use IR Mica from the rear, e.g. they have already fix on me when I approach. How? I turncoated my iterated save files to witness the detection event myself and it was that red Fighters on low altitude detect blue, high Rafales as they come closer than 50nm, even if the Rafale approaches outside of the front 60o arc. This is both for military and cruise throttle (I avoided AB). Is this working as intended? 50nm visual detection on a Rafale feels extreme. Attached save file, it is turncoated to Blue AI, Red Human. DQA is attacking ZJA on medium. Set DQA to high and ZJA will visually detect DQA come the next cycle. Issue-076-Mk1-Eagle-Eye-50nm-visual-detection.pdf bda.zip
  2. Issue Information Issue ID #000074 Issue Type Issue Severity 1 – Low Status 30 – Feature Request Version 2014.010 Fixed in User scenarios loosing orders txt files through save/loadPosted by Grumble on 25 May 2014 - 11:02 PM A cosmetic one, GE looses track of the Red/Blue side orders txt files of User scenarios when the scenario is loaded from a save game. OK: When the User scenario is started anew from the scenario file, the orders are correctly loaded from <scenarioname>.BLx/RDx files ISSUE: When a save game of the User scenario is loaded, GE searches for the orders files under <savegame>.BLx/RDx. Repro: Load mod HDSC10 user scen check Show Orders are ok, from HDSC10.BLH save save.hph then load it Show Orders: No orders found for this User Scenario USER SCENARIO ORDERS Could not find the orders text file: C:\Program Files\Matrix Games\Save\HDSC\10\save.BLh Issue-074-User-scenarios-loosing-orders-txt-files-through-save-load.pdf HDSC10.zip
  3. Issue Information Issue ID #000079 Issue Type Issue Severity 0 – None Assigned Status 90 – Not an Issue Version 2014.010 Fixed in 2014.010 Formation air patrols "created" by the Game EnginePosted by broncepulido on 19 July 2014 - 11:17 PM Testing my own finished Manila Galleon 1988 scenario, I saw an issue almost detected in other scenarios not designed by me, when I asked myself how someone can design strange and many AEW patrols with helicopters devoid of radar. As this was designed by me, I did some research on it and clearly: - In the Peleliu and Trípoli groups, the formation editor creates, show and operates a lot of AEW patrols with 1xAssault helicopters each, never created with the formation editor when designing the scenario. - The concrete patrols are of 1xCH-53E or 1xCH-46E with Assault loadouts, or 1xUH-1N with Patrol loadout. - Playing the Red side and using the cheat mode, I observe the same AEW patrols in the Blue side played by the AI. You can see with the Scenario Editor as the patrols are not created on the scenario, but they are created and formed just at the scenario start. - The patrols are not formed if CH-53E is changed to Ferry loadout and CH-46E and UH-1N are changed to Cargo loadout. Issue-079-Formation-air-patrols-created-by-the-Game-Engine.pdf 7FT2.zip
  4. Issue Information Issue ID #000080 Issue Type Issue Severity 0 – None Assigned Status 23 – Fix Accepted By Reporter Version 2014.010 Fixed in 2014.012 Scenario Editor 32-bits: problem with formation editor.Posted by broncepulido on 26 July 2014 - 03:22 AM Error message when clicking upon a formation (ships) and try to open the formation editor. Cliking "Reintentar/Retry" and the formation editor works as usually, without apparent problems. But later when in the formation editor each time I clik in each individual ship to change her position in middle of the group, I receive the same error message, doing the work cumbersome (press "retry" each time to change from a ship to another), and at last the program is freeze (error message on attached file). Issue-080-Scenario-Editor-32-bits_-problem-with-formation-editor.pdf 7FT332.zip TESTSE32.zip Harpoon Scenario Editor 32 Alerts and Bugs 2.doc Harpoon Scenario Editor 32 Alerts and Bugs.doc
  5. Issue Information Issue ID #000078 Issue Type Issue Severity 0 – None Assigned Status 23 – Fix Accepted By Reporter Version 2014.010 Fixed in 2015.014 Mk3 Eagle Eye - AI intercepts undetected PGMsPosted by Grumble on 15 July 2014 - 02:50 AM After the Mk2 fiasco with the GBUs I tried the Hammer AASM, it has Medium max altitude, so should not be affected by the contrails visual detection, still, the Udaloy and Sovremenny pickets are engaging it with SAM. (057b.hpm, drop PGMs, bearing only, on both ships) I switched to red (058red.hpm) to check how does the detection occur, only it does not, at least SA does not report any detection, but the ships are launching SAMs at unseen, incoming missiles. (I believe the turncoat save file hack does not mess up the SA notifications, but even if it does SAMs are fired without visible targets.) Issue-078-Mk3-Eagle-Eye-AI-intercepts-undetected-PGMs.pdf 057b.zip
  6. Issue Information Issue ID #000077 Issue Type Issue Severity 0 - None Assigned Status 10 - Confirmed Version 2014.010 Fixed in Mk2 Eagle Eye - 40nm visual detection of GBU/SDB/PGMPosted by Grumble on 15 July 2014 - 01:43 AM Linked to the Mk1 there is one other complication PGMs as Brad pointed out are supposed to be immune to AAM/SAM, they got very low RCS like the 6 for GBU-53 SDB II, to ensure this, but they are still being intercepted by AAM and SAM. Most GBUs have "High" max altitude and so these fly to target on High, I guess they are detected visually, as per 5.4.2. Radar log shows that radar detection is indeed impossible, in the first detection cycle missile is "not detected", but in the second cycle they are already "not detected" by radar, but also "Target was previously tracked". In the attached save game, 2x2 F-35B is ready to drop GBUs on SAM sites, but all 32 of them is going to be shot down. Switching to red side (044 red.hpm), Staff Assistant reports the visual detection indeed. Probably gliders should be exempted from under 5.4.2, or a workaround could be to update GBUs max altitude to medium in the DB. Issue-Mk2-Eagle-Eye-40nm-visual-detection-of-GBU_SDB_PGM.pdf 044 bombsaway.zip
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