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  1. Canary Islands 1976

    Canary Islands 1976
    NATO has lost contact with the Canary Islands. The only naval forces in the area, centered around the USS Hancock, are sent to investigate.
    This is a custom battleset that includes the database to play the scenario. Unzip the file into your HCE directory, the load the game. You will have a new battleset, "Fred's Canary Islands Battles" with which to play the scenario. The battleset is meant to be used with HCE 2008.044 or newer.



  2. JAPFISH - Sea of Japan

    based on an original HC scenario by Mark Gellis
    Fish populations around the world have declined due to global warming, overfishing, and other factors. Japan has responded to dwindling catches by fishing closer and closer to parts of the Russian coast where fish are still relatively abundant. It is not clear whether Japanese fishing boats has actually violated Russian territorial waters or, if they have, how often it has happened, but Russia believes its territory is being violated. The situation has become very tense. Russian fishermen have fired shots at Japanese fishing boats. Japan has responded by sending armed escorts to accompany fishing fleets. Russia has declared this an unacceptable provocation.



  3. The Cold North - The North Atlantic

    The Russian military has been experiencing a loss of discipline and an increase of desertions and mutinies among its ranks brought on by little or no pay and loss of morale. Of late, several older ex-Soviet warships that were laid up prior to decommissioning have turned up missing. More disturbing is the fact that the ammunition for these warships stored in a nearby warehouse, prior to their destruction have also turned up missing. In another development, Oil has been discovered in and around the coast of northern Greenland and several oilrigs and a base camp has been set up. Contact has been lost with the whole operation. It is feared that an unknown force has seized the facilities. NATO has been tasked to investigate.



  4. H3DB

    Tuned for H3ANW 3.7.0. The H3DB follows an only add, never delete philosophy so that scenarios will continue to function with futures releases of the database. H3DB was originally derived from the HUDII DB



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