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  1. jjnotme

    Black box

    How do I get rid of that black box that is attached to my cursor? Thanks
  2. Hi guys replying to my own post updated to version,13 build 917. 12 community scenarios now load Thanks now I need to know where and how to install DB3000 Primary Images 24 August 2017 there is no text file attached. Really need some help Thanks
  3. Hi I can't load community scenarios. I have . V.12 build 936.11 I get an error message when I try to load a community scenario Scenario is probably corrupted.This is on a win 10 computer. Thanks for any help
  4. Hi Please post a download link to Command v1.11 Release Candidate 1 - Build 802 I do not have northern infernal, chains of war or shifting sands. I would just like to update the basic command game to the most recent release. Thanks for any help.
  5. Hi am I using the latest version? And where do I find the newest database. Thank you, John
  6. jjnotme

    Stylised icons

    How do I use the stylised icons in command? Thanks
  7. jjnotme


    thank you, got the files
  8. jjnotme


    Just about one year later and I'm reinstalling HCE. Please point me to the files and DB I should be using. I'm running build 2009.50, I think there is a later build. Sorry for the bother, I just don't know which files to use. running win7 Thanks very much John
  9. jjnotme

    new computer

    do I just run the file? Yep, for that one make sure the game isn't running then just run the file. thank you. works.
  10. jjnotme

    new computer

    do I just run the file? thanks.
  11. jjnotme

    new computer

    I just got a new computer and I need some help getting Harpoon up and running again. I installed it from the harpoon commanders edition disc, and I'm going to apply the update below. HCE-UpdateComprehensiveInstaller-2009.050 so my question is this, is this the latest version of harpoon commanders edition? If not, please paste the link to the latest edition. I would also like to know if I need any other files to get me up to the latest version, databases, and the links to get there. Thanks very much, John I'm having a problem with the message Windows. When I set a patrol, the message box that says "sir select the patrol designation on the group map"the okay and cancel button don't show up. I just see a small portion of the end of the box. Anyone know how to make these boxes bigger? Thanks running win 7
  12. I always like to go harpooning is september.
  13. Hi any word on when the Ultimate Edition will be available? John.
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