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  1. I'm trying not to screw up the scenarios that came with the game in reference to the common files when adding user made stuff.
  2. It's confusing, It's asking to overwrite the commonb.res There needs to a guide for newcomers with an explanation for each Database and how to switch between them. I'll take a look at the video
  3. What does changing the common file do?
  4. Question: If you install this Database does it screw anything else up (Other Databases) or you can switch back and forth. I know it stalls a new Common file, what does that affect? Thanks
  5. Where do I find 2020.012?
  6. Which Battleset is the most modern and up to date?
  7. I will check which Datbase, right now 100% of the Unit pic's are not showing up.
  8. None of my Unit Pictures are showing up (No picture available) Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. Expensive as hell!! but it does go on sale
  10. Chinese Type 055 destroyer and Type 075 LHD Royal New Zealand Navy ANZAC class frigates with the 2017 Frigate Service Upgrade Thanks!
  11. cdcool

    Set Grid lines

    Is this working in 2017.011?
  12. Any way to make it stay on top of other windows?
  13. $15, it would be crazy not too. I wasn't doing $59 with a $25 dollar discount. Finally got it!
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