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    Gaming, usually on the computer could be Harpoon, Blitzkrieg, Star Trek or Star Wars. History, especially the Russian Front. Current Events, no offence intended, but this present administration has really fouled up ALOT of things and I think we would be lucky to make it the next few years without some BIG CONFLICT.

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  1. kruiser86

    Can I?

    Thanks I have gone to the support area and asked them. My sons gave me the game for my birthday in 2010, the computer it was originally installed on has a virus and according to one of my sons, is not worth fixing. My new computer is a Windows 8 laptop and runs the demo without any problems. The main problem is that I have a large family (3 boys & 1 girl) plus my wife works out of our home. I have lost count of how often things are arranged, then rearranged. Especially after four years and two moves. I know it was not downloaded, it was boxed and had at least one disc. Nobody has a clue where anything is. I once had a job that gave me a crazy schedule. Now that I have some free time, 2 boys are in college, 1 is in the Navy and our 5 year old starts school in September.
  2. I have a newer computer that I'm sure can handle this.I have been to the website, the game looks cool. But before I spend money I want to know if I will like it or not.
  3. kruiser86

    Can I?

    I have recently moved and had to get a new computer. Apparently during the move I have lost my Harpoon Ultimate Edition. I have managed to download a demo version, of the Commanders Ed. from Matrix Games. Can I download battle sets and scenario's? If so how can I add them? I'm only asking because I'm still looking for my game and hope to find it, Unless my wife trashed it, ha ha.
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