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  1. Bring you more video featuring strategic layer and night combat: Watch, share, comment
  2. More long range firepower is included at War Cabinet game. M109 is mobile howitzer that is available for play with House of Orange faction. We are confident that this will bring more challenge, tactics options and fun in the battles. Various war vehicles could be seen at: http://www.warcabinet.net/gallery/pre-alpha-screenshots/
  3. Hi fellow gamers, I thought you might be interested to see early gameplay of War Cabinet, Video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCDkx4NOEgg (better on Full HD and headphones) Generals are rising at www.warcabinet.net check out newest character design.
  4. Repair your valuable assets Hi guys, What do you think about the option War Cabinet to allow the presence of engineering function? Would you like your vehicles, buildings, routes and etc. to be repaired as this would cost you some resources? In most games I`m tired of having assets available but can't repair them, when they get damaged. Would you consider it effective and useful? Would you spend your valuable game resources for different repairs? For me it would be a great option even if it costs much, because the repair of valuable assets would give me additional flexibility and speed in all combats. It will also change my entire strategy and planning.
  5. Warmest greetings of the Season Happiness in the New Year with Christmas Blessings! Mindheart team
  6. What's the most enjoyable part of a game to you? Guys, When you start playing a new game or simply replay an old one what's the most enjoyable part of the game to you? Is it the beginning when you explore a new world and learn how to play or it is the the mid-game, when you have the chance to expand your powers and getting deep into the story or you are a fan of the final stages of the game. How much you like to learn new things and use new functions, try new characteristics while gaming or on the contrary you prefer to stick to familiar things and keep on playing?
  7. Economy system within strategy war games Guys, We plan to implement economy system into the game. By doing this we want to achieve an additional depth of the gameplay. However, in order to do the right balance we need your valuable input here. First of all do you enjoy economic aspect of the strategy games or you prefer pure combat only gameplay? If there is a game economy in place it should be: 1. As simple as possible with very few type of resources with minimum amount of user management. 2. Moderately detailed economy system part of the core game mechanics. This could include several resources to be generated, monitored and used for various activities. This would mean roughly up to 20% of the gameplay might be related to economic and resource dependent activities like: purchasing of equipment, upgrades, promotions, personnel recruitment, repair of facilities, etc. 3.Well developed war economy model which will strongly influence game campaign and rules. This would required better planning of your spending and more economy related decisions and events. Without proper economy management your chance to gain victory will be vastly reduced. Of course at times it would require more micromanagement. Any other thoughts and questions on this topic are mostly welcome.
  8. War cabinet story part 4: 48 Hours Later - The price of Victory You haven’t slept much in the last days. Many unsettled questions are within your head… How can I best serve my country? You should not only be excellent military commander, but also you are expected to take the burden to spend scare resources of your country to wage war… instead of these been used for the people and their wellbeing. How this could be balanced? What is really necessary in this dark time? Read the whole story at: http://www.warcabinet.net/story/ Share your thoughts and opinion.
  9. Secure your troops with M163 Vulcan Air Defense System How to protect troops and equipment from air attacks? The partial answer to this challenging task could be simple when we talk about low level strikes. You might want to consider including in your military formation M163Vulcan Air Defense System. It is already on the way to support the House of Orange commanders. Read more at:http://www.warcabinet.net/secure-your-troops-with-m163-vulcan-air-defense-system/#more-598 Would you use M163 Vulcan Air Defense System as part of your equipment?
  10. M113 APC – New combat vehicle added to the House of Orange Dear friends, In order to win battles the modern battlefield commanders would need highly mobile manpower, which can turn the tide in the most crucial situations. Armor protected vehicles are preferred choice to do this while operating near the enemy. That is why we added M113 – Armored Personnel Carrier to the War Cabinet military equipment to serve into the House of Orange forces. With this new addition to game’s Military Park we are confident that your soldiers will yield the benefits of the mechanized warfare. More about M113 - APC can be found here:http://www.warcabinet.net/m113-apc-new-combat-vehicle-added-to-the-house-of-orange/#more-572 Please share your thoughts and opinion.
  11. The BMP-2 was added to the War Cabinet military equipment. The BMP-2 (Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty,infantry combat vehicle) is a second-generation, amphibious infantry fighting vehicle introduced in the 1980s in the Soviet Union, following on from the BMP-1 of the 1960s.Full description here:http://www.warcabinet.net/the-bmp-2-was-added-at-gallery-section/#more-563 Share your thoughts and comments.
  12. War Cabinet frontline battle machines were added Dear friends, We would like to present a game scene with House of Green equipment showing some of the frontline battle machines. The whole news is here:http://www.warcabinet.net/war-cabinet-frontline-battle-machines/#more-545 Having such equipment on hand what would be your strategy? How you would use these frontline assets to win battles? Would you need any other equipment to enter combat?
  13. Dear friends, War Cabinet game added its Game economy as part of the development process. We believe that one of the main elements of the economy are the resources types, availability and specific purposes. We plan to have 7 main pillars of our war economy. If you want to read more please visit: http://www.warcabinet.net/war-cabinet-game-economy-was-added/#more-526
  14. Supply and logistics have been playing important role in every war since ancient times. As a general rule if you want to win a war there should be couple of things present. One of them is strong supply and logistics. This involves huge volume of manpower, equipment, fuel, food infrastructure consideration and serious planning. Without it even mightiest army is becoming helpless mass of people and equipment. They all had to be moved usually between great distances from the homeland into the campaigning theaters. The fighting front is where the links in the supply chains end. In the end it doesn’t matter if it is a real war or just a strategy war game the rules remain the same. That is why we believe that any serious war strategy game should consider including this key element. We will. In this regard we would like to share with you one piece of equipment suit for the task. This is the Ural fuel tanker 375D, which can be quickly and accurately allocated to supply the battle front. The Ural-375D is a general purpose 4.5 ton 6x6 truck, produced at the Ural Automotive Plant in the Russian SFSR since 1961. The ZIL-157 was the standard Soviet truck until it was replaced by the Ural-375D, which became the standard Soviet truck in 1979. The Ural-375D was soon replaced by the Ural-4320. The Soviets also found the trucks an ideal platform for the BM-21 Grad rocket launcher. Other modes for the Ural-375D included troop carrier, supply carrier, etc. So please take a close look at it and tell us what you think.
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