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  1. Wolff

    4.0 vs. 4.1

    Thanks very much all for the information and the warm welcome back to the forums. I did find some docs online that may help get me into 4.1 rules from my current 4.0. If anyone would like to send me a pm with specifics of docs and errata I can use to compare with what I found, that would be very much appreciated. Would definitely be cool to see the chat being used for games and/or formal discussions/events, should that come to fruition. Silent Hunter, yes I enjoyed Airwolf back in the 80s as a kid and shamelessly borrowed the logo as an avatar for my virtual gaming habits. Good hunting, gents.
  2. Wolff

    4.0 vs. 4.1

    Hi, I pieced together a set of paper rules from various sources: Rulebook, Data Annexes, Quickstart Guide, Player's Manual and a sheet of counters over the past couple of years. All my materials have Harpoon 4 printed on them. I began looking at this forum and noticed that most new players are advised to get 4.1 and/or High Tide. Are there significant differences between the two versions? I was pretty happy to finally have pieced together the materials all in new or very, very good condition only to discover I don't have the most current version. In looking at some of the PBEM games going(other than not all the platforms being supported in the data annex I have) it appears the turn sequence is identical to what I learned in the books. That's not to say more detail or procedures have been added somewhere else during a turn, of course. Is there any play by email support for 4.0 or is 4.1 required? Thanks for any help you can provide. I searched the forums for answers to this question in hopes of not posting a duplicate question, so if I missed it I am sorry. Also, do you all still meet for chats occasionally? I remember way back when I first signed up for these forums, it appeared there were regular online chats that looked interesting. Cheers
  3. Hi, Interesting premise for a scenario. I tried it myself as a first time with the HUD4 and your scens. After loading the scen, Envoy, the first time I launched the Seahawk, I realized my audio settings weren't checked, so I turned them on in the game preferences and the game locked up. Ok, I thought, well it may have been because I changed the settings during the game. I closed the game and went back to the H3 Configuration from the launcher before I launched the game and set them there. I re-launched the game and the scen "Envoy" again and I had audio this time. I launched the seahawk again and plotted a course for it. I then decided I wanted to alter the course slightly by grabbing the middle of it and dragging the course down. After the new route was plotted, the game locked up again and I couldn't get it to respond. I am disappointed as I would have liked to of played this scen but it crashes on my machine within a minute of play.
  4. Hello All, I've set up an ANW Dedicated Server running with Players DB. Server is version 3.94 and we've found that people with 3.10 are crashing the server upon login, so FYI, if you've still got 3.94 and want to play Multiplayer, you're welcome to play at: Port: 14342 It is available 24 x 7 --Wolff
  5. Hello, I'm new to Harpoon 3ANW, I have the players DB and have successfully set up a multiplayer test game in the AoA server. Would anyone be interested in totally destroying this newbie sometime soon? I am in the Pacific Time Zone(USA). Server doesn't have to be AoA, just let me know which server you prefer and the name or ip and we can hook up as our schedules allow. thank you!
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