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A Harpoon Commander's Edition scenario for EC2003 Battle for the GIUK Gap and the HCDB2-170308 new standard 1980-2025 Platform Database. This scenario is designed with advanced Scenario Editor and to be run with HCE 2015.008+ or later.

This scenario is designed to be played from the Blue/NATO side or from the Red/USSR side. You should play a few times first the Blue side to avoid spoilers, and only later play the Red side.

 Image: Swiftsure-class nuclear attack submarine HMS Spartan leaving HMNB Clyde, Faslane, June 1, 1993 (Photo: FOSNI PHOTS/MOD, licensed under the UK Open Government Licence version 1.0 (OGL v1.0). Took from Wikipedia Commons).

 A long time ago, in a sea world far, far away, it's a period of cold war ...

In April 1977, during Soviet exercise SEVER-77, British nuclear attack submarine HMS Swiftsure get orders for a covert operation: close the then new Soviet CVH Kiev and obtain visual and sonic data about her, and the mission was a great success.

The Soviet task force did sail off Lofoten archipelago in the Norwegian Sea and keep position to perform activities and show presence in face of one of the more clear Western allies, demonstrating the futility of any NATO opposition.

The intelligence operation executed by HMS Swiftsure demonstrated just the opposite.

In this speculative scenario, in an alternate timeline, WWIII breaks out and the UK SSN task is changed to sink the Kiev.

Can you perform it at least as good as historically did HMS Swiftsure?


Enrique Mas, January 21, 2023.

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