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Kaliningrad Clash, Part 1 1.0.0

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About This File

Kaliningrad Clash, Part 1 - Nato side
A scenario for Harpoon Classic
Battleset : EC 2003 GIUK  
Database: H2DB 


The last days saw ever more growing tensions between Nato and Russia. While the war in Ukraine has become one of attrition, several new hot spots came to daylight. The most dangerous one being the Russian Kaliningrad exclave.

Kaliningrad is absolutely vital for the Russians since it is superbly located for cutting off the Baltic Republics from Nato via occupying the Suwalki Gap and threatening Nato countries with Iskander ballistic missiles.

Thsi scenario deals with this extremely dangerous situation. The stakes are extremely high, so is the nervous tension.  

Comments and critiques welcome.


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