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Anti Ship Missiles

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That said, does anyone feel that it may be wrong that two AM.39 Exocet Block II missiles remained undetected until immediately before impact on a tanker and an LCS. The LCS had active TRS-3D-16 AS radar. The missiles were launched from 25nm. The missiles have a cruise profile with and are sea skimmers so they would be at very low altitude.


I am trying to balance my concern that I may have calculated the engagement wrong versus underappreciating the capabilities of the AM.39 Block2 3rd Gen SS, TM missile.



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Per a respected Harpoon authority over on the Harpoon Trilogy Yahoo Group, the TRS-3D-16, as a 3D radar set, is not subject to Shipboard Air Search Radar as it has its own catagory Three Dimensional Radar (3D). Therefore in my littoral situation, Land Mass Effects would rule supreme and cost the TRS-3D-16 50% of its range, per class, due to clutter.


I will re-do the LCS Escort mission from when the Super Puma "pops" up. Should be interesting still as I doubt the 1st Exocet would miss a large tanker if given a second chance.

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