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Helo Insert

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Thanks to Brad for listening and commenting on my walk through of a night helo insert into what I now realize is a high anti-air threat environment and now must come up with a new way to insert my "eyes" onto the island.


As it turned out unless I can use intervening terrain against the Straight Flush radar of the SA-6b battery, I risk being shot down by a tied-in SA-9b at a pH of 50%, even while flying VLow/NOE. The trick is locating the radar set, especially if it moves frequently.


Small Boat insert may be the next option...

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From reliable sources even though the SA-9 is tied into the air defense coordination net, it just gets an ingress direction so it can orient on it, but still needs to visually detect. Changes the pH result somewhat.


Also investigating the use of JSOW, but not in H4.1 Annex B as a weapon for the AV-8B, and the AGM-122 Sidearm anti-radiation missile on the AH-1W to take out the Straight Flush. AGM-122 has a range between 1-6nm (11km+).


Will keep someone posted, ;)



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