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IDF/AF Training for Long Range Bombing

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From http://www.defensenews.com


Israeli Air Force Training for Long-Range Bombing Missions



The Israeli air force is training its crews for long-range bombing missions, the wing commander of an F-16I fighter-bomber group said Feb. 28.


“Israel and the air force have understood for a fairly long time now that the threats that surround us are constantly growing and that’s why steps have been taken to extend our range of action,” the officer, identified only as Wing Commander D., told Israel’s privately run second television channel.


“That is to say that we are training for medium- and long-range missions.”


The television highlighted that the commander was referring to possible future missions against suspected nuclear facilities in Iran by showing footage of the new atomic power station that Israel’s arch enemy is completing with Russian assistance in the Gulf port of Bushehr.


Israeli warplanes destroyed Iraq’s French-built Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981.

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