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Simple ASuW

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**some errors made, nothing too drastic - see Admiralty Trilogy yahoo group **


Direct competition over oil has brought India and China to the brink

of war. Over the shipping lanes through the Andaman Sea, a Tu-142

Bear-F Maritime Patrol Aircraft detects a PRC Type 054 Jiankai Class

FF escorting a generic oil tanker heading SSE to The People's Republic.


On that report, the White Tigers of Indian Naval Air Squadron 300

operating notionally out of Car Nicobar AFS, sortie a section of Sea

Harrier FRS.51's armed with 2x Sea Eagle missiles each.


Flying in the Low Altitude Band the Sea Harriers, while detected well

out, launch 2x Sea Eagles at a range of 19nm. The Type 054's main AAW

weapon is the HHQ-7 with a effective range of 5.5nm has after

calculating the SAM's 3.0 ATA versus the 0.5 of the ASM + 1 for sea

skimming, and +1 for the Sea Easgles Small RCS, a 35% Ph.


The Type 054 launches two HHQ-7 so that they will intercept the

vampires at 5.5nm, shooting down one.


Next up in the ship's defence is the 100mm/56 which starts with a Far

15% Ph before modifiers of x.5 (not sea skimmer capable) and x.85 (-

15% vs small RCS Target) misses at both the far and near ranges of

4.5nm and 2.25nm respectively.


The final ring of the Type 054's defense is its AK-630 with far/near

ranges of 1.8nm and 0.9nm. Both bursts miss and a the solitary Sea

Eagle slams into the frigate with 46 damage points. The Type 054's

113 points are reduced to 67. Damage Points incurred/remaining = .69

rounded down to .60. A d6 is rolled resulting in a "4". The "4" is

cross referenced which resulted in 5 critical hits. Five D10's are

then rolled resulting in Critical Hits to two weapon mounts, the

rudder, bridge/CIC, and caused flooding.


Results of the attack leave the tanker open to attack by the second

Sea Harrier, and the Type 054 severely damaged.


While a new platform, the Type 054 does not appear to optimized for

AAW or operating outside of the umbrella of more capable anti-air

assets, and would be unlikely to have been tasked with a mission such

as what has been depicted.


I cannot state that the above calculations are correct as I am still

learning H4. If you see any glaring errors, please comment.





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