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Intro Air to Air

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Ran through the Intro to H4.1 AAW last night. US wiped up the floor with the Russians 4:0. Each of 4x F/A-18C launched 1x AIM-120's at 40nm. A second salvo of 4x AIM-120 was launched at 33nm before the 4x Russian MiG-29A could respond with their long range threat, R-27R, letting loose with 4x AA-10 Alamo's.


AIM-120 4th Gen 7.0 ATA vs MiG-29A 5.0 ATA +1 for 2nd Gen J&D. 7-6=1.0 or =<40%. This is when the dice gods stepped in and the US rolls 16, 19, 84, 19 - three hits. Feeling bad for the opponent, I roll for the 4x Alamo's before the rightful second wave of AIM-120's.


R-27R 3rd Gen 5.5 ATA vs F/A-18C 4.5 ATA and 3rd Gen J&D. 5.5-6.5= -1.0 or =<20%. MiG rolls 73, 59, 46, 75. Nothing!


Solo MiG-29A downed by the second wave of AIM-120's


I realize die rolls came into play here but this "intro" scenario seemed so one-sided. I know that I have the option to jazz up the MiG's armament. however, I think I will try it with much less capable A/C say from the Sea of Dragons Annex. Thinking like an F-5 freedom Fighter vs. J-8 II Finback



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