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Boeing Rolls Out First KC-767 Tanker


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From DefenseNews.com



Boeing Rolls Out First KC-767 Tanker



Boeing on Feb. 24 rolled out its first 767 tanker transport aircraft at its Wichita, Kan., plant for its first client, the Italian Air Force.

Italy has ordered four of the KC-767A aircraft and expects to take delivery of the first in 2006, once flight tests and certification are completed, Boeing said in a statement.

Boeing is producing the aircraft at its Everett, Wash., plant before cargo doors and refueling equipment are added in Wichita.

The other three Italian tankers will be converted to tanker transport format by Officine Aeronavali, a unit of Finmeccanica, here.

The second Italian aircraft is due to arrive at Aeronavali for conversion in May, with work completed by the Italian firm by August 2006.

The $849 million purchase of the aircraft, agreed in 2002, covers conversion, five years of logistical support, crew training and spare parts.

Aeronavali’s work forms part of an industrial compensation package for Italy, equal to 100 percent of the purchase price of the aircraft.

Finmeccanica officials previously said they had been offered work supplying kits to convert tankers set to be acquired by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force and the U.S. Air Force, although with the U.S. orders now on hold, Boeing could seek other offset work for Finmeccanica to make up the total value required.

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