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Importing database errors

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I was taking a look at ODB (old database) and I get some errors in Access when importing the database.

Reading Database.xml Annex...FAILED.
Reading Change Log Annex...FAILED.
Reading Platform Extras Annex...FAILED

What is going wrong? Because I cannot export it completely.

Writing Platform Extras Annex...

And the game pauses for a long time and it doesn't export.

Is there any database that goes right with H3RE_3_10?

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When exporting HUD3 database (H3ANW3111a) with Reimer Editor Database it says when Writing Platform Extras Annex:

Spanish: Se ha producido el error 3441 en tiempo de ejecución. El separador de campos de la especificación de archivo de texto coincide con el separador decimal o el delimitador de texto.

English: Runtime error 3441 occurred. Text file specification field separator matches decimal separator or text delimiter.

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