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  1. I have another question? If speed is higher at high level than at low level, does the plane has more range? For example, a plane has a high level/military speed of 600 knots and a low level/military speed of 450 knots. Does it consumpts the same amount of fuel at high level and at low level? If the answer is yes then it would have more range flying at high level than flying at low level.
  2. Are the ECM jammers cumulative? For example, we can have a Su-27 Flanker with two SPS-170 ECM jammers of +10 DATA each one. If we arm a Flanker with two SPS-170 can we get a total DATA of 10+10=20?
  3. And what about IR/laser guidance? AA-10 Alamo B has IR/laser guidance, range of 25.6 miles and speed of 2008 knots. Is it pursuing enemy target all the way starting at launch?
  4. So AIM-120A/B AMRAAM has a terminal guidance of 2295 * 10 / 3600 = 6.375 nautical miles. And AGM-84D Harpoon has a terminal guidance of 561 * 30 / 3600 = 4.675 nautical miles. Aren't they?
  5. Hello, at what rate does an aircraft consumpts fuel depending on the speed? At cruising speed it consumpts fuel at a 1:1 rate. What about military speed and afterburner speed?
  6. When exporting HUD3 database (H3ANW3111a) with Reimer Editor Database it says when Writing Platform Extras Annex: Spanish: Se ha producido el error 3441 en tiempo de ejecución. El separador de campos de la especificación de archivo de texto coincide con el separador decimal o el delimitador de texto. English: Runtime error 3441 occurred. Text file specification field separator matches decimal separator or text delimiter.
  7. I was taking a look at ODB (old database) and I get some errors in Access when importing the database. Reading Database.xml Annex...FAILED. Reading Change Log Annex...FAILED. Reading Platform Extras Annex...FAILED What is going wrong? Because I cannot export it completely. Writing Platform Extras Annex... And the game pauses for a long time and it doesn't export. Is there any database that goes right with H3RE_3_10?
  8. Another question is if air to air combat is the same as in HUCE? ATA-DATA+30 (if the target is slower of 1000knots) = percentage of hit. I think that HUCE is a little bit simple but CMANO is a little bit complex. So I am learning about ANW.
  9. Hello, I am newbie in ANW. How can I order air units to land? Is there any hotkey?
  10. Hello, I am trying the Scenario editor with ANW DB. When trying to edit a new scenario it tells me: ***Error*** Scenario creator: Change in longitude exceeds 180 degrees. WHat does it means? How can I edit a new battleset of GIUK?
  11. What is the range for terminal guidance flag? How many nautical miles? Does it depends of the range of the weapon?
  12. Hello, I am running HUCE 2015.72. I am editing the database and I have change the Loadout DATA of a few aircrafts. It seems that game engine always uses the aircraft DATA instead of the loadout DATA. So DATA is the same with a heavy loadout and with a light loadout. Is there anyway to use the loadout DATA instead of the aircraft DATA?
  13. NEW AIR COMBAT SYSTEM: I wish that a single airplane could engage only one target at a time. For example, CG Ticonderoga can engage 8 targets, BCGN Petr Velikiy can engage 6 and CG Slava can engage 4 at the same time. A single airplane would engage 1 target at the same time although it can fire salvos of 1, 2 or more missiles at the same target. SARH missiles need the plane to engage the target until it hits or miss. Mid-course guidance missiles need data-link to fly towards the target until it can detect it itself. What is the range of terminal guidance? In my experience, both groups of planes destruct themselves with few survivors at the first shoot. IR short-range missiles are frecuently useless. The idea is to have some casualties before groups engage in a dogfight.
  14. I don't know if that is what I am looking for. I am looking for a tool that allows to set formations in rings like land/sea groups or bases: Main Group, AAW, ASW, pickets. What's the name of that toolkit? Where can I download it to probe it?
  15. And the target arc in relation with the course of attacking missiles could be like this: TARGET ARC DATA x x 20 x x 10 x x 0 x x 0 x x -10 x x -20
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