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SimPlot - SimPlot MapMaker for MacOS


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SimPlot MapMaker for MacOS

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This is an experiment in using SimPlot MapMaker on Intel 64 bit MacOS.

The dmg file will download but must be activated by clicking on it in the download pane of the browser or double-click on it using Finder (in the Downloads folder).

The dmg will open as an attached device (sorry--there is no installer yet for SimPlot MapMaker). If a window pops up showing the SimPlot MapMaker.app file, please close it. Running SPMM from that window will only provide a temporary storage space for the application.

Using Finder, create a new sub-folder in your Applications folder (ex: SimPlot MapMaker). Drag and drop the SimPlot MapMaker.app file from the attached device to your new folder. Close the attached device (click the close button next to it in Finder).

You are now ready to use SimPlot MapMaker by double-clicking the SimPlot MapMaker.app file. You may get a security warning, but allow it to continue opening the application.

This is a beta version and most things work.  You must have a png background image (e.g. from Google Maps). You must also measure the pixels per nautical mile of the image. When you get the project started, you can draw polygons on top of the background. I use it to create land polys with other overlays. As an option, the original background can be used as a part of the final map (using the image with some overlays, but not a complete repaint).


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I'm sorry to say that MacOS development for SimPlot has lagged behind the Win10 version due to Apple Gatekeeper issues. Therefore, you likely do not have the most recent version, which addresses the issues you are having. Do you have a Win10/11 computer to use? If not, I will try to update the MacOS version (no promises, though).

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