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Air Strike/Airpower


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Bouncing back and forth between the Airpower and AirStrike rules, I ran through Air Strike scenario G-12 at "Low Threat". Since it was solo, I rolled a d6 for the target map and the four surrounding maps, re-rolling for duplicate map numbers.


The various targets were defended by one "A" and one "C" rated FCR assisted KS-19, one "A" and one "C" rated FCR assisted S-60 batteries, and four SA-14 MANPAD Teams.


The attackers were two Su-25's carrying a DDS-A (10 Flares and 10 Chaff) and a small "Medium" rocket pod on weapon stations 1, and 10; and four 1100 BB on stations 2,4,7,and 9.


Intially entering on one of the adjacent maps, the Frogfoots came in a T level, popping up to Alt 2 just before making their run on the randomly rolled target of two of the three runway hexes 0714, 0813,0914. The airfield was defended by an S-60 unit.


The attackers were initially engaged by a non-taget area KS-19 unit, but it missed. Then a barrage of SA-14, the lead Su-25 took light damage from one of the MANPADs, the rest being decoyed away.


One the attack run and over the target area, both aircraft dropped their BB loads, lead scoring 2D and Dash-1 getting a "Kill". Egressing from the target area, lead again took light damage from aimed S-60 fire, and Dash-2 took a proximity hit from an SA-14.


The Russians won this scenario against the former Soviet Republic 13-9.

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