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2008.033 bug report: GE Insta Landing


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Defect Name: Helicopters on land order at final waypoint land instantly.

Build: HCE 2008.033

Repeatable: Yes

Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate x64

DB used: HCDB-080406

Scenario used: TESTINS (Purpose built for this test)

Battleset: EC2003 IOPG

Long Description: When a helicopter is assigned the *land air* order at the final waypoint of its course, it will instantly land at the target airbase when it reaches that final waypoint. It will negate the entire distance to its home base and the operation will be performed in the space of a second.




- Open GE

- Open the attached save for EC2003 IOPG named InstaLand1.

- Ensure helicopter group ABH has a speed order then let the game run.

- Note the behaviour exhibited when the helicopter reaches that final waypoint.


Expected Behaviour:


Helicopter reaches final waypoint and then replots its course to land at the designated airbase.


Exhibited Behaviour:


Helicopter reaches final waypoint and then is instantly moved to a landed status at the designated airbase.




Do not issue *land air* orders at the end of a waypoint course... Issue the land air manually to the unit when you wish it to do so, it will then replot and land fine.


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