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PLAN Strikes Back - the Prequel


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4x Experienced MiG-29K at High Alt. and 6x Competent J-10 at high altitude (flying top cover for the JH-7A's), both at cruise throttle, detect each other at 71.5nm.


Both groups of fighters accelerate to FMP and close.


Both the Indians and Chinese fires long range missile fire at a range of 34.3nm. 6x R-77 and 4x PL-12.


Due to the same distance and speed, the missiles all reach their targets at approximately the same time.


R-77 ATA 7.0 -4.5 (J-10 Man Rating) -0.5 (J-10 3rd Gen Decoys) -0.5 (J-10 VSmall Target) = 1.5 Missile Index -1 row due to Experienced vs Competent. pK = 50% 4 Kills rolled.


PL-12 ATA 6.5 -5 (MiG-29k manual rating) -0.5 (MiG-29K 3rd Gen Decoys) = 1.0 missile index +1 row due to competent vs Experienced. pK = 40%. All four roll as missed.


This possibly allows, on this night, the MiG's to jump the raiding Flounders before they can launch their retalitory strike on the Indian SAG.



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Bah, my detection numbers are off. It would be a max detection range of 75nm if the targets were "Large". My data shows the MiG-29K as Small signature, while the J-10 as Very Small. Needless to say, I had some exchanges with Paul K who has some late breaking info which jazz's up all of my radar stats and re-classifies the J-10 a Small.


MTF :angry::D

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Jumping right into the dogfight part for fun, 6x J-10 fighters attempt to sweep away the 4x MiG-29K CAP. The first time I tried Competent vs Competent. The dogfight begins with the 4x Indians firing 1x R-77 at sparate targets, shooting down 1x J-10. The five surviving J-10's launch 1x PL-12 each at the four MiG's, knocking down three! In the second round, the surviving MiG tried to escape the dogfight but fails, while the J-10's all miss. In the third round the surviving MiG succeeds in his escape attempt.


2nd run through, the 4x MiG-29K's are elevated to experienced, while the PLAN remains at competent. Previous attempts at this combination have had the MiG's wiping up the floor with the J-10's...Not today. The first round has MiG's and J-10 exchanging one hit. In round two the remaining MiG's all miss with their R-77's while the J-10's score two more hits with their PL-12's. In the third round, the surviving MiG-29K pilot believing his superiority charges into the fray firing two R-77's which both miss, the 5x J-10 pilots humor him before shooting him down as well.


The day goes to the "heroes" of the PLAN, probably clearing the way for the JH-7A Flounder attack aircraft.

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