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Hi Folks,


Well - I only recently started messing around with Harpoon seriously - so I might as well be considered a newb... At the same time - I've also been watching many of the video's of Command with great interest... How's the AI in Command relative to Harpoon - is it substantially better ? Most of my experience playing Harpoon is USA vs USSR... It seems the USSR OPFOR - the bombers seldom seem to make any intelligent decisions... They just fly their programmed strike - even when detected - pounced on by fighters - or - even have their ranks decimated by Phoenix missles... They just don't seem to react to anything... Would the Command AI act any differently ???


The interface for Command seems a bit clunkier and busier than Harpoon - guess that just takes some getting used to... I do like the black background - green foreground - screens better in Harpoon 3...




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Hi Scott,


well, the new Command sim IMO is by far the most sophisticated Naval / Aerial Warfare Sim around. It even models land warfare rather good. Command´s micromanagement options are outstanding. The AI is aggressive, although that is difficult to compare to other sims. The databases are huge and continually improved, as well as the whole sim. Update comes after update. The devs are very active, its their project, their child.


The community is very large and growing.


Harpoon 3 ANW is no longer maintained, development is halted. In many aspects, Command is the logical successor to Harpoon 3.


Thus, if you´re a newbie to both Harpoon 3 and Command, I clearly recommend you to switch to Command.

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