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Same Issues with these weapons


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Had these problems awhile ago and it did not seem to get fixed... :(





Regardless of platform, the 'Attack Dialogue Window' comes up with 'Weapon cannot acquire target'.



AGM-130 A/B/C


Regardless of platform, the weapon does not consistently engage targets, i.e., cannot manually release weapon even when well within range yet if A/C is used during a mission, the weapon will inconsistently release.


Thanks, Steve





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Hi Steve,


Thanks for reporting this issue, but it was never reported earlier. I corrected issues, due to be in the next release. Most of the issues came from the fact there were some flag losses between HUD3 and HUD4, Some issues you experienced were weapons' limits related, their sensor sector only cover 90° out of 360°, so the launching platform has to be in front of the target. AI knows it and acts accordingly.

You may experience issues, but it's game-engine related. Since game's developpment is halted, these issues will persist.



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