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Gulf Strike - Scenario 5


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This is an introductory scenario for Gulf Strike, a game designed by Mark Herman through Victory Games.


Ethiopia is attacking western interests in Somolia and Djibuiti. Each attacking force is provided with air defence by a soviet Anti-Air Regiment. A US's Kitty Hawk CBG has been tasked with conducting air strikes in support of the friendly goverments. ROE prevents the CBG from attacking the Soviet AA units themselves. The US commander is also given two B-52 sorties per turn.


Soviet naval and air forces are arrayed along the southern Arabian peninsula and in the Arabian Sea/Indian Ocean. There orders are to attack the US forces in the area, to include the US base at Diego Garcia.


Turn 1


B-52's only got one of the required 3 hits on the northern Ethipian force.


A repeated A-6, A-7, EA-6 raid did get the required 3 hits on the southern force, losing one step of A-7's in the course of the raids.


The Soviet CG shadowing the Kitty Hawk got one hit on the Kitty Hawk before submitting to combined ASW attacks from a US DDG and Kitty herself.


Two squadrons of Soviet Yak-36's, flying off of a CVH stuck at Diego Garcia for no joy.


US and USSR SSN's tangled NW of Diego Garcia, Soviets coming out on the short end of that exchange.


Finally a regiment of Tu-26 Backfires attacked Kitty Hawk. Two CAP squadrons of F-14's got in their licks first, downing a squadron and a third, for one more hit on Kitty Hawk.


That was it for turn one.


More to follow.

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Turn 2 (Days 3-4)


Due to losses suffered by CV-63 the previous turn, the A-7 squadron was attritted.


The two B-52 raids were both aborted after each squadron suffering one "hit".


Kitty Hawk did launch two separate raids consisting of A-6's and F-14's, supported by EA-6's. The required 3 "hits" were inflicted on the Ethiopian forces with a loss of an EA-6.


An S-3 located and put a hit on a Soviet SS unit.


On the Diego Garcia front, a pack of US SSN's ravaged Soviet naval forces sinking a DDG and crippling the Soviet CVH.


As this was a scenario designed for getting familiar with the air/naval interaction, I think that I will bust out the operations map and tangle with some Iranians in the Gulf.

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