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Adieu Atlantic


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Adieu Atlantic

Posted by Nicholas Fiorenza at 6/23/2010 1:33 PM CDT


The German navy has parted with its last Breguet Atlantic maritime patrol aircraft. Marinefliegergeschwader (MFG) 3 "Graf Zeppelin" based in Nordholz, northern Germany, held an "air day", an open house, on 20 June which ended with the last flight and touchdown of its last Atlantic, BR 1150 Atlantic (61-03), accompanied by three Sea Lynx helicopters. The commander of MFG 3, Capt. Christoph Beer, gave the last crew certificates marking the event, Andrea Bocelli's schmaltzy song, "Time to say goodbye", played on the loudspeakers and the public applauded.



Photo credit: © 2010 Bundeswehr/Ann-Katrin Hoffmann


The Breguet Atlantic served with the German navy for 45 years and has been replaced by P-3C Orions acquired from the Royal Netherlands Navy, one of which is currently operating out of Djibouti in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and the EU's Operation Atalanta anti-piracy operation.

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