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  1. Glad to be of any help. Here are the attached saves for the HCDB and HCDB2 versions of the scenario in question. I've run the scenario multiple times, tanker positions are always fixed in the same spot and aground. I've also compared the other scenarios in the WestPac set and it seems maybe a different map area selection was used as the entire map area in the beta build is more towards the right compared to the official build. Let me know if you need anymore info. WestPac2-v2020003-HCDB-150929.hpq WestPac2-v2020003-HCDB-170909.hpq
  2. Hi, I've been playing most of the default Battleset scenarios, specifically WestPac, and have come across an issue where Blue Tanker units are run aground at scenario start of WestPac2 (Pirate War). No issue in official 2015.027. Maybe a beta issue or just me? Screenshot 1: Standard build 2015.027 and HCDB-150928 Screenshot 2: Beta build 2020.003 and HCDB-150929 (Same issue in HCDB2-170909) Thanks
  3. Don't worry, solved it. I'm an idiot. RTFM as always.😄
  4. Hi, new HCE player here,trying to learn the sim slowly but surely and i have a question about formation rings. Can their display be turned off in the group window? They obscure the unit icons of themselves and surrounding units. I ask because I've seen them "turned off" in YouTube tutorials. Currently using latest patch (2015.027) with the latest beta (HC2018.002GESEDBDUBSSB and HC2020.003GESE) and latest DB (HCDB2-170909). Thanks
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