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  1. For me, replay and movement tracks are quite important, and visually is a blast, or least more than formations. From my point of view, I can do formations thanks to waypoints and personal effort, but I'won`t do replay if that function is deleted. Anyway, Are there any plans for formations, to code the program to allow ships to try to maintain stations, or will always be a turn the formation as a complete unit, so that outer and inner units within the formation will teleport to the new position when turning? By the way, is it possible to do NTDS symbols a bit thick (like janes fleet command, or command naval operations), right now they are too thin, and difficult to view against a blue water background. Also if possible, the background of numbers (such as range, bearing) is about 50% transparency, and when there are a few units closely, A lot of zoom is needed to separate the numbers (distances, degrees, names), I belive a complete flat color will be best as background, at least the forward unit numbers will be visible without zooming. Any way, it is your program, and it will be great game whatever you do.
  2. Kevin, Thank you very much, you're great.
  3. WoW!!!! 2.1 is a beast. Good Work!!
  4. Is Simplot 2.1 available for download anywhre? or when will it be updated in the download section? Thank You
  5. Kevin, this is a request, Can be added a 1 sec time advance, I know it is not necessary but I've been thinking about it, and the accuracy and possibilities it brings to the program. Thank You. Will we see an updated Simplot when H5 is released?
  6. Map Battle Santiago Cuba 1898.zip This is the scenario + map
  7. Kevin, as always great work. One question, Is there any way to change the color palette as in previous editions?, the map i'm using is clear blue, and I need to change the test (name, bearing, speed) to black or a darker color. Thank you
  8. Thank You for the new uploaded version...I will check it next weekend.
  9. It works perfect. All postions issues with units are solved...thank you kevin....you're great
  10. Happy birthday kevin, Thank you for looking after this "no decimal" problem. I Tried to create new units at x64 scale. 1.- if i create a new aircraft unit,and introduce manually a position, the program avoid reading the decimal part (remenber at x64 scale) 2.-If I create a new aircraft unit and set a bearing and range from another unit, and hit the calculate button, the new unit is at the correct position (the program reads the decimal part, x64scale). very curious indeed. keep on the good work.
  11. Hi,thanks for the updates. I'm still having problems when a scenario is loaded- When I load a scenario where the position of the units have decimals, the program doesn't read that decimals, and position the units with flat numbers. (see attachet images and scenario)- Right clicking on any position of the map with shows the axis number without decimals(is this working as intended?) when I play, units move normal (taking into account decimals to calculate position) and saving a game is correct (mantain the decimal part of the number in the txt file),it is just when loading/open when it stop to reads decimal. In the same manner, If I try to createa new unit while playing, and the position of the unit includes a decimal part, the the program avoid reading them, and place it in a position without decimal. Changing comas with dots makes no difference, It doesn't read anything of the decimal part. Thank you for your time and patience. prueba_turn_010003_00.txt
  12. I tried to play a full scen, and this are the issues find so far: 1.-Saved scenarios (single player) while range circles are visible, are unable to re-open. Solution: remember to deselect range circle with F9 menu, or open the scenario with an editor and change "true" values to "false". 2.- I cannot select range circles with decimal nautical miles, neither with coma "16,2", or with dots "16.2" 3.- the big one: The attached scenario is loaded, do a few 15 sec turn (press next movement and Next turn) and saved the game (single player). When reopened with simplot units are not in the place where the scenario says they sould be. It's like if the program cannot read the numbers behind the comas. in the attached image polnocny#1 is at "Polnocny #1|Warship|0,698|0,975" but in the map it is 0,= position, same for kiev, and others ships. Attached image, initial scenario position, and saved game. Thank you Bear in the Island 01034000,00.txt REF_turn_010301,25 prueba.txt
  13. Humm!! solved..I missed that the heading is recalculated when you hit the do movement button.
  14. Ok Thanks. Another issue, Selecting a units in the navigation Target do not change automatically the movement heading of the selected unit. Am I missing something?
  15. Downloaded, and anything texted workedfine forme. I would like to add a visual item: Retain the speed leader to know where the unit movement will end, But add a course leader in the same color as the unit, so that even if I change the turn time, the course leader mantain it's leght. When I check 15sec the speed leader is very short, and need a lot of zoom in to check it,so a course/direction leader I think is good Obviously the speedleader should be over the course/direction leader.
  16. hurray!!!! good work.....
  17. thank you for the info, I actually save each turn too. ummm.......I think that autosave, and then a kind of "Windows IMage Viewer" integrated with simplot, in which hitting a prev or next button/key will upload the prev/next saved file in the folder-
  18. Are you thinking of adding some kind of log or replay to review an scenario? I mean when you save a scenario been played, all units that were deleted (usually destroyed) are lost, and there is no way to recreate their tracks or movement, so I wonder if there is a way to make units invisible/visible to the referee when needed instead of just hitting the supr button and totally eliminate them. Thank you.
  19. Thanks for the update, as always: awesome. What will be added in next update?
  20. This is my idea for advance...se attached image. If you want to add advance for course changes, or make a ship to turn at specific turn during his travel, or make a ship zig-zag in 30 minutes turns, just in F2 Menu press the Add Advance button and the screen will be something like the drawing. Mark "v" for each part to take effect, the last distance in nm that you add will be recalculated based on the time selection you had choosen, It will be necesasry to add data each turn. I don't have any idea about how to do this, or even if it is possible to be done., just dreaming In the drawing the time was selected to 30 minutes turns. Advance.bmp
  21. I like this plotter very much, simple and quick, I'm gonna make this plotter my favorite naval tactical plotter, and I will finally abandon paper and illustrator. I want to know apart of range circles, what else are you thinking to add to this program? I don't want to pres you too much, but this is what I think that you should add after maps and undo, obviously is your program and you do what you feel is necessary. I would like to add advance prior to turning, I mean go 0.xx nautical miles in one direction then turn to a new course, advance 0.xx nm and then change course, (repeat this process as needed till you reach final course, or you expend all your travel distance) Why Do I say This? I tested the program with a submarine, and once torpedos were in the water, I could turn a ship 180ยบ in a turn, so based on the limitations of the program decided that a 15 sec advance was the solution, I was wrong, at least for me. If the advance distance is free to be input by the player, (from 0.00 to 99.00 nautical miles) the player will be able to handle ships in line formations, were all units within the formation turns in the same spot even in 30 minutes turns (see attached file). Other things I would love are: a x200 zoom (when ships are less than 0.5 nautical miles apart range information is just messed one over the next, and.. a ship sunk marker, as you say in your earlier post just change the letter code in the txt file and the ship markers will be a ship sunk marker, remember to give it 0 speed, this way, you wont lost his track of previous turns. As I say it is your program, and probably introduce this features will be so much difficult, but I just want to give my two cents. Sincerely, Javier
  22. Awesome...Very good work. Thank you
  23. Great! it works fine now. I'm waiting for displaying maps in simplot, and if possible, an undo turn/movement button. Sincerely Javier.
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