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  1. Hi guys, Sorry, real life interfered with the more important things... Tony and Piotr, drop me an PM with contact details and I will send you the necessary info and choices. I will try to post a AAR Write-up after completion of the game...small and simple is the key...
  2. Morning guys, well it is morning in South Africa right now I am an avid follower of the Admiralty Trilogy games, okay to be honest, CaS and Harpoon...but players from this neck of the woods is few and far between. I want to propose a small PBEM game for Harpoon, a very small simple scenario to be played via PBEM. I have not run a game before, neither in person nor PBEM, so this will be a learning curve for me. I was thinking...maybe something small like "The Day Before The Morning After" (SS/SSN vs SSBN) from High Tide or something similar. Would anybody be interested in something like that? Juhan
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