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  1. I am using Harpoon 3 Advanced Naval Warfare, version (I think). The database is "Harpoon 3 Standard Database". So I have noticed that some naval units, i.e. CVHG Invincible are using the 30mm Goalkeeper CIWS, having a maximum range of 8.0nm. So is described in the database windows of the unit,. while playing a scenario. Now, because I believe that there is a reasonable error (max. range 8.0, instead of a more correct 0.8...), I ask what can I do on the database to correct the value in the "range" field. Is there a database editor for "Harpoon 3 Standard Database"? Thanks, Steve.
  2. Thank you Piotr. It works ! Steve.
  3. Piotr How do you make the temporary change of the separators settings ? My system is Windows 7 Pro. thanks
  4. Probably this is the reason. The European system provides that the period (.) is used for the thousands separator and the comma (,) is the decimal separator. Being a user Italian, definitely my PC is based on this settings. So, have I to correct something or you Kmart are able to make relevant adjustments in the program? Thanks, Steve.
  5. Thank you kmart. Meanwhile to say that I started again the scenario from the beginning, I played several turns and I saved the situation. When I tried to reload the file, again the screen was completely black, with no units ... But this time I have written the position and heading of each unit, so I'll be able quickly to recreate a new scenario with the units at the right place and start from the last position, as if it had been properly saved. With regard to the problem, I think you're right when you say that the units seem to have travel a great distance, instead the game had lasted perhaps 32 or 33 minutes and the unit, from the initial 80 MN were shrinking the distances between themselves. The problem should be that the program does not correctly save the movement of units, in fact, when I begin from scratch a new scenario with some red and blue unit and save it, all is OK, because the ships have not yet made any movement. When I finally do move the ships and save the file again, then the units does not appear, their tracks appearing but depart too greatly from the starting point. So, in my opinion, until the units are static, all OK, but when he has to record the movement, it goes crazy ... Another question. I tried to run Plotsim even on my second PC, but does not work as it appears an error message that says that the file can not run on a 32-bit system?! PlotSim only works with a 64-bit PC? Thank Steve.
  6. Hi kmart. I think I've done everything right. When loading a scenario like your Dinner at Six O'clock, I see only the icon of a unit that is the A001 4 x F.18, at the center of the screen (0,0 coord.), but I see no other units. So when I load my saved scenario I do not see any of the six units that should be present. I am attaching the screen Dinner at Six O'clock. And what follows is the text of the scenario I have saved: TITLE Doorman-Marsical DATE 01 06 1990 TIME 12:33,5 UNITS 5 S002,Blue,Doorman,-26,62709,-1,581059,29,55,None 20,1200,-40,0,1200,-38,9,0,1203,-37,8,0,1206,-36,7,0,1209,-35,66634,-0,3762222,1212,-34,63268,-0,7524443,1215,-33,59902,-1,128667,1218,-32,56536,-1,504889,1221,-31,48207,-1,695902,1224,-30,38207,-1,695902,1227,-29,28626,-1,60003,1230,-28,19229,-1,485049,1230,5,-27,96122,-1,452575,1231,-27,73016,-1,420102,1231,5,-27,4997,-1,3836,1232,-27,26101,-1,345795,1232,5,-27,02301,-1,30383,1233,-26,82505,-1,442445,1233,25,-26,72607,-1,511752,1233,5,-26,62709,-1,581059 S004,Red,Marsical,24,50581,0,005135832,35,272,S002 20,1200,40,0,1200,38,7,0,1203,37,4,0,1206,36,40414,-0,8356239,1209,35,18254,-1,28025,1212,33,96095,-1,724876,1215,32,83511,-1,074876,1218,31,70928,-0,4248763,1221,30,58345,0,2251237,1224,29,36185,0,6697499,1227,27,91736,0,5433741,1230,26,54636,0,07130024,1230,5,26,25487,0,06112122,1231,25,96338,0,0509422,1231,5,25,6719,0,04076318,1232,25,38041,0,03058416,1232,5,25,08879,0,02549387,1233,24,7973,0,01531485,1233,25,24,65155,0,01022534,1233,5,24,50581,0,005135832 H005,Blue,SH-14 Lynx,12,44117,-4,51914,125,2000,225,None 19,1200,-38,9,0,1203,-32,74495,-1,085301,1206,-26,5899,-5,039406E-08,1209,-20,43486,1,085301,1212,-14,27981,2,170602,1215,-8,12476,3,255903,1218,-2,251681,1,118277,1221,3,621398,-1,019349,1224,9,871398,-1,019349,1227,13,40693,-4,554883,1230,16,94247,-8,090417,1230,5,16,22078,-8,507084,1231,15,38745,-8,507084,1231,5,15,38745,-7,465417,1232,14,65088,-6,728848,1232,5,13,91431,-5,992279,1233,13,17774,-5,255709,1233,25,12,80945,-4,887424,1233,5,12,44117,-4,51914 H006,Red,AB.212,-15,3907,0,8682409,0,1400,282,S002 19,1200,38,7,0,1203,33,77596,0,8682409,1206,28,77596,0,8682409,1209,23,77596,0,8682409,1212,18,77596,0,8682409,1215,13,77596,0,8682409,1218,8,775963,0,8682409,1221,3,775963,0,8682409,1224,-1,224037,0,8682409,1227,-6,224037,0,8682409,1230,-11,22404,0,8682409,1230,5,-12,05737,0,8682409,1231,-12,8907,0,8682409,1231,5,-13,72404,0,8682409,1232,-14,55737,0,8682409,1232,5,-15,3907,0,8682409,1233,-15,3907,0,8682409,1233,25,-15,3907,0,8682409,1233,5,-15,3907,0,8682409 M007,Red,4 x Otomat,-8,439172,-0,8884758,600,30,272,S002 9,1230,26,54636,0,07130024,1230,5,21,54941,-0,1031972,1231,16,55245,-0,2776947,1231,5,11,55321,-0,3649568,1232,6,553976,-0,4522188,1232,5,1,554737,-0,5394808,1233,-3,442217,-0,7139783,1233,25,-5,940694,-0,801227,1233,5,-8,439172,-0,8884758 PS. I don't see the attached images, hope you can
  7. Help ! After installing sim plot, I tried a new scenario, with two ships and two helicopters, playing a few turns, then I saved the situation. When I load the game, the units does not appear. I can see the traces blue and red, at the top left appear also the data of the first unit, but I cannot see any units on the screen. I have controlled that the distance scale was correct. It has the same effect that we obtain applaying black colour to the units, like backgraound. But the unit's colours are white and red, not black. If I load the scenario that accompanies the game "Dinners at six o clock, I can see only one unit" 4 x F18 " in white colour. What could have happened?
  8. In relation to my previous post, I apologize but I realized I had made a mistake, talking about the SITUATION. In fact, the maximum distance that an aircraft can sight a ship, is not that of vuisual LOS, but is equal to the speed of the ship itself, with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 35 nm. But the questions nr. 1 and 2, however, remain valid. Thanks, Steve
  9. Sorry guys, but, as I go along trying to play a scenario, I get a lot of doubts. One is this: SITUATION: A frigate launched a helicopter that has no radar. An enemy ship (small) is about 70 nm. distance. From altitude of 900 m. (low) helicopter (in optimal weather conditions) has a visual LOS (med alt vs. small ship) of 79 nm. Question 1: being the enemy ship in the visual LOS of Helo, is the mutual visual detection automatic, or we have to roll a die? Question 2: assuming that the helicopter has spotted the ship, is able to communicate the exact location to its mother ship, so that she can, for example, launch Harpoons? Or we need to wait until the ship has its own radar detection to launch? So in general, a missile or guided weapon, can be launched on the basis of a visual sighting? Thank you, Steve.
  10. Very well. I have downloaded and tonight i'll try...
  11. It seems very interesting. Can you send the zip file to my addresse (with instructions on how to use...) steve_caruthers@yahoo.it Thank you for your great effort... Steve
  12. Thank you. So, if I undestand, all the missiles with a inertial guide system (I, I/TARH, I/TSARH and I/TIRH) are in the same situation of Harpoon ? i.e. being launched at several targets in the same turn !
  13. Hi boys, I have another question for you experts. My question is about the rules for launching missiles from a ship. The manual (i refer to H.3 annex 1990-91, but you can answer also referring th H.4 paper rules) says that the general procedure stipulates that a ship may engage: - As many targets as it has directors (so one target per director) - Weapons without directors, may engge only one target for the turn (Although they may fire Opinions more than one weapon per turn at the target (apart Aegis exception) - Unless otherwise Stated in the remarks, each weapon (except guns) may fire only one round (missile, torpedo) for tube (...) So, if I understand, for example, a ship that has: (4) 2 Mk 141 Harpoon (so without director..) i.e. 4 x 2 mounts Mk.141 launchers Harpoon, can launch (if alls bear to the target) 8 missiles to turn but, only against one target ? So, i.e. (2) 2 MM40 Exocet that means she may fire four missiles for turn against one target. Only if a weapon has two directors can shoot at two targets ... is that it? I.e. canadian Iroquis FF (1990-91 annex) has: - (4) 2 Sea Sparrow w / 16 RIM-7M / 2 WM22 So, having 2 x WM22 directors can launch up to 8 (4 x 2) RIM but against two different targets (possibly also a SAM and SSM). As the FF Argentina Espora, having: - (2) 2 Dart 40mm / 70 // 2 WM28 can fire up to 4 shots per round to two different targets, having two directors WM28. I'm reading it correctly? If so, which is the difference for a weapon to have one or no director. In all cases they may fire only to one target !!! But it seems to me very strange that Harpoon or Sea Sparrow or other missiles may be launched to only one terget for turn... In Harpoon 3 (PC games) you can choose the target for the missile and you are not obliged to launch alls to the same target... Thanks, Steve.
  14. This sounds correct. Evidently with H 4.1 they fixed the bug present in H 3. Also, I think to adopt this change in H3, so that: - Initial Gun Ph = 20% Modifiers in this order: - Vsmall target = -10% (20-10 = 10%) - Seaskimmer target 1/2 (10/2 = 5%) Final pH = 5% However, it must be always positive, with a minimum of 1%. OK, thanks CV32 Steve.
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