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  1. Thanks Tony, I'll give that a try. and I'm pretty sure I'm up to 2008.044 so I'll get the 2009.42 patch and run it. Thanks Rick
  2. Thanks for the tips Don. Yes I was actually following the GUIK walk thru in the manual pretty closely, I tried to do each step, which includes setting time to 30min. but my subs never found the surface units the Tutorial said was there.. Ill try it again, maybe i'll use the cheat key to see if the units are even there. I have version the latest patch thats up at the Matrix Site, i think it says 2008 024/044 or something like that I acutally played this many years agao, when it was put out by 360 I think was the company. and I've dug up a "Battle Book" that I have, maybe i'll try reading that. Thanks Rick
  3. I've browsed through some forum titles and didn't see one on the Gmae Tutorial, so I'm guessing this will be way to basic for of a question. First, let me say, I'm mainly a land warfare kind of a guy, WWII, Amer Civil. I like to start with the basics, so I've printed the manual and I'm trying to go through the Tutroial. A bit frustrating, first, the manual doesn't have th beginnning of the tutorial, after I finally figured that out, I cut and pasted from the in-game briefing and printed out the first few sections. But that was just the strat of the frustration. I've ran through the tutorial maybe half -doze times. starting with the submarine group vectoring NorthEast of Iceland. I enver get ANY contacts that aren't SOSUS. So I never get to launch missiles. I usually easily get to the first destination, so after the 2nd time I played, I would plot to the point the tutorail says to, and after getting there I''d just plot movenet in increaasing squares - still no contacts. Oh, my question - is there somthing that the Tutorial left out that I need to be doing? I haven't gotten much farther than this, have to admit its a bit frustrating. I should add I played this long long time ago, when it was put out by company named 360. I've dug up an old Battlebook I had back then, maybe i'll try reading though it. Thanks Rick
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