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  • Ethiopia's Petya IIs (F 1616 and F 1617) and Turyas (HTB 112 and HTB 113)

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    • Requested By: Mgellis Disposition: Unreviewed

    Ethiopia's Petya IIs (F 1616 and F 1617) and Turyas (HTB 112 and HTB 113). The Mols and the Osa IIs are already there. The classes for these vessels are already in the database; you just need to add the ships. (And the moment I thought of this I came up with a scenario idea...Ethiopia vs. Yemen!)

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  • idCategoryNameRequestorRecorderStatus
    7AircraftA-4M SkyhawkMgelliseeusticeUnreviewed
    13AircraftAero L-59 Super Albatros (used by Egypt and Tunisia)MgelliseeusticeUnreviewed
    8AircraftExport version of the Mirage F-1MgelliseeusticeUnreviewed
    32AircraftF-16V (Taiwan)eeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    29AircraftF/A-18 Super Hornet Block IIIeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    42AircraftKAI KF-21 BoramaeeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    31AircraftShenyang FC-31eeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    9AircraftSoko IAR-93MgelliseeusticeUnreviewed
    30AircraftUSAF F-15EX Eagle IIeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    41InstallationsSnake IslandJSFeeusticeUnreviewed
    38SensorsSONAR 2087eeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    16ShipsArleigh Burke Flight III DDGeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    18ShipsBritish Type 31 frigateeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    4ShipsChinese Type 002 (Shandong) CVeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    1ShipsChinese Type 055 destroyercdcoolTonyEUnreviewed
    2ShipsChinese Type 075 LHDcdcoolTonyEUnreviewed
    10ShipsEthiopia's Petya IIs (F 1616 and F 1617) and Turyas (HTB 112 and HTB 113)MgelliseeusticeUnreviewed
    23ShipsIndia’s Aircraft Carrier VikranteeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    28ShipsJMSDF Mogami Class FFgeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    15ShipsKenya's Nyayo and Brooke Marine class missile boatsMgelliseeusticeUnreviewed
    47ShipsMaya Class DDGeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    48ShipsMogami Class Multi-Mission Stealth FrigateeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    27ShipsRepublic of Korea Daegu Class frigateeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    3ShipsRoyal New Zealand Navy ANZACcdcoolTonyEUnreviewed
    26ShipsSan Antonio Flight IIeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    14ShipsSri Lanka's OPVs and PGsMgelliseeusticeUnreviewed
    24ShipsType 054B Type 057 FFGeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    25ShipsType 056 CorvetteeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    36ShipsType 26 FFG Global Combat ShipeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    39ShipsType 31 FFG Inspiration classeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    19ShipsUS Constellation Class FFGeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    20SubmarinesColumbia Class SSBNeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    49SubmarinesDosan Ahn Changho Class SubmarineseeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    11SubmarinesLibya's Foxtrot submarinesMgelliseeusticeUnreviewed
    12SubmarinesRomania's export KiloMgelliseeusticeUnreviewed
    5SubmarinesSSN 23 Jimmy CarterMgelliseeusticeUnreviewed
    46SubmarinesTaigei Class Attack SubmarineeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    21SubmarinesUSS Virginia Block IVeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    22SubmarinesUSS Virginia Block VeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    6SubmarinesVariant Israeli Dolphin submarine.MgelliseeusticeUnreviewed
    54WeaponsAGM-88G Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile Extended Range (AARGM-ER)eeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    40WeaponsASRAAM (AIM-132)eeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    56WeaponsArrow 3eeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    17WeaponsDF26 PRC IRBMsByroneeusticeUnreviewed
    52WeaponsGround Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB)eeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    55WeaponsMK 54 Lightweight TorpedoeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    44WeaponsPL-15 Air to AireeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    45WeaponsPL-21 Air to Air MissileeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    33WeaponsR-360 Neptune SSMeeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
    37WeaponsSea Ceptor (CAMM)eeusticeeeusticeUnreviewed
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