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Request platform additions and changes here

Guidelines for Requests/Issues

Please include the following information with your request:
1. Version of ANW you are using, ex. 3.10.1
2. Version of HUD4 you are currently using, ex. 1.6.5
3. IF you are reporting an issue, provide a saved game and instructions to reproduce the issue if possible.
4. If you are request a new platform, provide information and links you think would be useful. Bonus points for giving a teaser on how you will use the platform.
5. One request or issue per thread. So ask for the DD-963 as of 1982, not the entire French Navy. For the French Navy you would post a number of requests for individual classes.
6. Periodically, finished items (icon12.gif, icon11.gif, and some icon9.gif) will be moved to the archives

When you make a new request, please set the topic icon to icon13.gif
The maintainer will set it to icon9.gif when the request/issue has been fulfilled/addressed
If you see icon8.gif the request is refused
Any player who has tested the change can post to that effect and request that the icon be set to icon11.gif
Ideally the reporter will also test and then set the icon to icon12.gif

Naming conventions:
Civilian ships have the "CIV" tag in front of the name.
Crime/offense-related units have the "CRIM" tag.
Soviet/Russian ships name is preceded by the Project number.
PRC ships have their name preceded by Type number.
NATO units are preceded by the Pennant number.
US units have the US designation number.
Before requesting a platform, players are advised to track it in the list, under the lead unit's name or class' name.

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