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Forum Guidelines

Some basic, common sense guidelines for members using these forums.

HarpGamer Forum Guidelines


Welcome to the HarpGamer Forums. Our objective is to create a meeting place and resource center for the vibrant community of fans of the Harpoon series of warfare simulations. We invite you to enjoy all that this community has to offer.

In these Forums it is hoped that you'll find subjects of interest and make new friendships with fellow Harpoon players, historians, and enthusiasts. While the Forums will try to cover a diverse group of topics related to Harpoon, it cannot possibly be "all things to all people." We hope you enjoy the site, and thank you in advance for your compliance with some common sense guidelines, detailed below, when posting to the forums.


Remember that this is a community that you are joining. There are places to be serious, and even some places to have fun. To make it all work, an atmosphere of courtesy and respectfulness is required.

It is inevitable that differences of opinion will surface from time to time. Also, due to the diverse and international membership at HarpGamer Forums (not to mention the occasionally confusing nature of Internet communications), it is quite likely that misunderstandings will also arise. While healthy debate is encouraged, please be mindful at all times to “disagree without being disagreeable”. Anything less will not be tolerated.


The HarpGamer Forums are fully moderated. While we strive to keep an open and friendly atmosphere for discussion at HarpGamer, we reserve the right to edit and/or delete inappropriate submissions prior to their posting to the forums.

Posts containing racist statements, personal slurs, foul language or obscenities will be rejected in all cases.

Also, please be advised that the HarpGamer Forums are not intended for nationalistic or political grandstanding. Posts of an overtly partisan nature will be edited or deleted by the moderators.

A member whose conduct fails to meet Forum standards shall be warned, suspended, or as a last resort, banned from the group, at the sole discretion of the HarpGamer Staff.


All of the forums at HarpGamer are category specific, with a description under the Forum name in the index. Our moderators will be working hard to keep fresh and appropriate content in each area; please help reduce their workload by posting threads in the correct Forums. Threads posted in an inappropriate Forum may (and likely will) be moved to the proper place at the moderators’ discretion.


While it is not our intention to be unduly restrictive, we wish to avoid potential intellectual property issues with the owners of material that members may choose to include or quote in their posts. Please keep this in mind when using sources that aren't your own. In any event, HarpGamer reserves the right to remove material from the site due to intellectual property issues.

Thank you for your co-operation, and we hope you enjoy The HarpGamer Forums!

HarpGamer Staff

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