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Operation Opera, June 7, 1981. Historical Scenario.

A Harpoon Commander's Edition scenario for The Middle East Battleset and the new HCDB2-170522 1980-2025 era Platform Database. This scenario is designed with advanced Scenario Editor and to be run with HCE 2015.008+ or later.

Image: Israeli Air Force F-16A Netz '243', aircraft flown by Colonel Ilan Ramon in Operation Opera. This was the eighth and last to drop its bombs onto the reactor. CIAF, Brno-Turany, 4 September 2004. Image by KGyST, took from Wikipedia Commons.

This scenario is designed to be played only from the Blue/Israeli side. The Red/Iraqi Saudi side is programmed, but not fully playable.

Operation Opera was a historical strategic long-range operation of the Israeli Air Force, aimed to prevent the supposed use by Saddam Hussein's Iraq of a French supplied nuclear reactor to build nuclear weapons.
The experimental reactor Osiraq (Or Osirak, composite word of the Osiris type reactor and Iraq or Irak) was placed at Al Tuwaitha Nuclear Center, near Bagdad.
The reactor was previously attacked without results by the Islamic Republic of Iran with F-4E Phantom on September 30, 1980 (Operation Scorch Sword), as only were attacked the auxiliary installations to avoid the risk of radioactive fallout, because the limited intelligence on the target status.
Also previously to the Israeli attack, another Islamic Republic of Iran Air force attack against the H-3 airfields complex, on 4 April 1981, degraded the capabilities of the Iraqi Air Force.
Operation Opera was executed by the first batch of brand new F-16A, received by Israel from July 1980.
Were employed only Mk84 dumb bombs, two carried by each F-16A, but at least eight of the 16 bombs launched hit the reactor dome, a notable achievement. Some bombs were equipped with very long time delayed fuses, to prevent reconstruction attempts.
At last, the reactor was destroyed in the 1991 Gulf War, including the Package Q Strike attack of 19 January.
Could you replicate the Israeli achievement in this apparently simple scenario?

Enrique Mas, 28 May 2017.

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