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First Lightning

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First Lightning


A Harpoon Commander's Edition (HCE) scenario for the Middle East Battleset and the official HCE Database (HCDB).


This scenario is designed for play by the RED side only.


It is October 1984. A financial crisis in Latin America has led to huge loan defaults in Argentina, Brazil and Chile. American banks, who had heavily financed the development efforts in Latin America, have been caught by surprise and are now in a serious slide. Washington took drastic steps and imposed a freeze upon banking transactions across the nation.


Then, a week ago, a terrorist bomb in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, claimed the life of the US ambassador and numerous civilians. At the same time, a guerrilla movement believed to have ties to that terror attack and backed by the Soviet Union, toppled the Omani government in the wake of massive financial losses in its banking sector.


American peacekeepers have moved into Saudi Arabia after rebellious elements of the Saudi army moved to occupy the holy city of Mecca. It is the largest commitment of American troops since the Vietnam war. Moscow has bitterly criticised the American presence in the Persian Gulf, calling it a grave act of provocation.


Three days ago, the new regime in Oman allied with Tehran to impose a toll on tankers passing through the Strait of Hormuz. All tanker traffic in the Gulf has now come to a stop.


NOTE: This scenario is loosely based on the October 1984 television movie Countdown to Looking Glass. Note as well that you play RED in this scenario, i.e. the Soviet, Iranian and Omanian side. ;)

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