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Operation Philippine Crunch

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Operation Philippine Crunch:


Three Months ago Chinese forces staged an un-expected and swift assault on the Phillipine island of Manila and has laid claim to the large northern landmass. The Chinese claimed to NATO that this attack was neccesary to crush anti Chinese terrorists that were based on the island.


NATO was never aware of any terrorism in China which was being co-ordinated. Further suspicions of ill doing are being raised by the fact that reports have been coming out that the Chinese appear to be building defences and seem to have no intention of leaving the island.


US intelligance has determined that the attack was fueled by an intent to build nuclear missile launch facilities off of the Chinese mainland and ever closer to US owned territories, in the hope that their anti terrorism story could stall any attempt by NATO to react to their actions, long enough for them to establish a strong military presence on the island and then spread their occupation further through the Philippine island which the US began to withdraw from a few years ago.


The US has managed to steam a small Tarawa task force into the region in order to quickly seize the intiative and grab a foothold on the island before a larger follow up battlegroup arrives on scene to push the Chinese off of the island.


Their first intent will be to seize and hold the key airbase at Basa to allow further reinforcements to be flown in. The US does not have a huge force with which to perform this task, but their troops commanders are determined to succeed and peel back the Chinese attempt to move the nuclear threat ever closer to their homeland.


Scenario designed and created by Terry "Stalintc" Courtney


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