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File Name: port1w

File Submitter: eclipse_trb

File Submitted: 13 Mar 2008

File Category: WestPac


Authors: eclipse_trb

Battleset-WPac: .scq - WPac - WestPac


Old Friends


A Harpoon Commander's Edition scenario for the Westpac Battleset.


This scenario is designed for play by the BLUE side.


The military of Indonesia has decided that the experiment of Democracy is a failure. Ever since the last elections nothing good has come of it. The country has lost the lands in East Timor due to outside pressures. Piracy and corruption is an ever increasing problem and slowly there have been hints that some of the furthest island from the capital may seek to split off. General Djoko Santoso has taken control after a short and bloody coup and has begun to reorganize the military. So far there has been little resistance but the army has suffered from spending cuts over the years and will take time to mobilize. The navy and some of the air force units that were being used for anti piracy are well trained and funded; they only need a target...


Before being taken over by Indonesia at one point East Timor was a Portuguese colony and now that it is again independent ties are starting to form with its former colonial master. Since East Timor as gained independence from Indonesia it has had the support of both Portuguese and Australian forces and governments and both nations have maintained small garrisons there.


Orders Follow

At 8:15 Dili time the president of East Timor was assassinated the VP is currently in Australia and will prepare to return as soon as the police can take control of the riots in the capital that erupted after the assassination. Intelligence on the ground from the Australian and Portuguese support forces point to the Indonesians as the culprits.


The Americans have sent us satellite information that shows the Indonesian army in a convoy of trucks moving towards Dili but have balked at any other support or intel sharing. All calls to Jakarta and the Indonesian Embassy have been ignored. But from what we can surmise the Indonesians needing a cause to unite their people behind the new military leadership have decided to retake East Timor.




The Corte Real Group headed for Dili on a friendship cruise is to continue but orders are changed to follow a southerly route out of Indonesian waters. DO NOT ENTER the Malacca straights. We must support our friends in this time of need and a show of the flag is necessary. Indonesian military is broadcasting a 300 mile exclusion zone around their islands and warns that any ship can be searched. Do not allow any of their ships to prevent you from reaching Dili but be prepared for a fight.


The Australians have placed limited resources available to you including some aircraft based in Dili that were there to begin training East Timorese pilots. They currently do not have any ships in position that can support due to their support of other missions outside of the area.


The Vasco de Gama group will separate from the American Fleet in the Persian Gulf after refueling but is not expected to enter the area in time to impact the current situation.


If you determine that the satellite intel from the Americans is accurate you are authorized to engage the Indonesian ground forces and stop them from entering Dili by any means available to you.




The enemy convoy looks to include multiple trucks but seems to only be protected by AA.


According to local assets the Indonesians could have over 14 combat ships out at sea at this time also it is possible they have launched both their submarines.


There are many neutral vessels in the area do not engage unless you are aware of your target.



Get our battle group within 50 miles of Dili and make sure those ground troops do not take the Capital before you arrive.


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