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New Scenario: Cuban Missile Crisis

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30th Scenario posted this year!


Freek Schepers has posted his latest scenario. This is his first scenario to use the Colonial Wars database by Paul Bridge. We sincerely hope that it is not his last for this database. :)




In this scenario the forces are arranged as they were in the Caribbean on October 22nd 1962; the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis.




After the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961, Cuba started re-arming with the most modern Soviet weapon systems. MiG-19 and -21 fighters armed with Atoll-AAM, SSM-armed missile boats, and SA-2 SAMs have been supplied to Cuba in early 1962. Training has been provided in the USSR and Soviet advisors and training units were moved to Cuba.


Early 1962: US recon planes spotted construction activity of what were evaluated to be missile launch pads and fleet harbours suitable for nuclear submarines.


Early October: Soviet merchant ships with covered tube-like deck cargo were spotted in the Dardanelles and in the G-I-UK gap heading southwestwardly. Submarines were also detected moving into the Atlantic by the brand-new but imperfect SOSUS sensors.


At the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, these ships are approaching Cuba, where Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles are thought to be near operational status...


Author: Freek Schepers




This and other great scenarios can be found at:


szologo47ty.gifFile Archives



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