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New Harpoon 3 Scenario

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Here's the latest Installment in the Indonesian Campaign




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Date: 10th June 1966

Location: Andaman Sea

Sides: UK and ANZAC Forces


The Air Strikes were considered a success on the Indonesian Airbases, destroying many of the A.U.R.I aircraft in the air and on the ground. Most of the Badger aircraft have been destroyed but at least 6 still remain operational.


The down side of the attacks were the numerous losses to the Vulcan and Canberra's which were badly mauled by the Mig-21's.


HMS Eagle dispite her defenses was hit by single AS-1 missile and the resulting damage and fires destroyed her catapults and numerous aircraft in the hanger and flightdeck, at present ship is limping back to Perth for repairs.


HMAS Melbourne faired better only receiving minor damage from rocket fire and is now in Singapore awaiting spare aircraft to bring her depleted airgroup up to full strength.


HMS Victorious still remains trapped in drydock, but with continuing repairs to the drydock gates she should be floated out by the end of the week. A large proportion of her airgroup have been destroyed at the airbases in Singapore due to sneek air attacks and terrorist attacks, replacement aircraft are on route from the UK.


At present HMS Bulwark and her cover group comprising of the WW2 Cruiser HMS Belfast have sailed from Aden and have now entered the Andaman sea on route to Singapore. Bulwark has embarked 45 cdo Royal Marines and a full complement of Wessex helicopters for future operations and are a prime target, She is due to anchor near RAAF Butterworth to take on supplies and must be protected at all costs.


The KRI Irian is unlocated but believed to be in the area , air threat is light and the submarine threat is assessed as medium.


Can HMS Belfast protect the Bulwark .....the choice is yours !

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